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Positivitrix how affirmations work
Positivitrix shares new tips to give you positive energy.

I am big on affirmations!

This is something that I wish I knew waaayy earlier in this life!

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Now here is the thing.

I am not sure if you like, believe in or practice positive affirmations.

Very quickly let me explain to you why I am so sold with it!

You see, back then, I thought that for affirmations to work, I needed to first believe that they will work.

However, I was wrong. I’m so glad I was wrong!

Studies show that whether you believe in it or not, your mind, and I am pertaining to your subconscious mind… gets to eventually learn to believe those affirmations due to repetitions and consistency- because this is the way your subconscious learns.

And it works both ways! If you often tell yourself how amazing, how blessed, how grateful you are then you continually experience that because your subconscious mind doesn’t know what’s real and not real.

Now if you are used to joking around and calling yourself names or you always say “Tanga!” “Tamad!” “Walang pag-asa!” then your brain picks that up too and eventually becomes your truth, and your reality.

I could talk more about this but you see I promised you- just the short explanation only!

If you intend to know more about this check out my Positivitrix socials for my videos and announcements on vision board schedules.

See you!!

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