How To Stop Addiction

Chinkee Tan
Chinkee Tan

Do you know of anyone who is an addict?

Admit it or not, we are all addicted to something.

“Don’t talk so fast, Chinkee! I’m not an addict!”

We all have different forms of addiction.

Addictions come in the form of liquor, cigarette, drugs, sex, lying, gambling, shopping, borrowing money, computer games, soft drinks, coffee, chocolates, social media, and many more.

Anything that consumes our valuable time and distracts us from doing the more important things in life are considered addictions. Also, if you are not able to function properly without that something, then chances are, you are addicted to that thing.


When you are addicted to something, you feel like it will cause you your death if you are not able to do it for one day. You become DEPENDENT on that thing, and it has become a part of your life. Actually, it isn’t just a part of your life, but it already is your life.

Recently, someone asked me what he can do to stop his vices. And I want to share my answer here to also be able to inform other people who are looking for ways to end their addiction.

The first thing that you need to do is…


You can never overcome addiction if you are IN DENIAL that your addiction is actually a problem.

Be HONEST with yourself and to your loved ones with what you are going through.

You will not be able to help yourself overcome your addiction if you are not willing to ADMIT it. Remember, change begins with you, and not with other people.

Don’t be afraid of what other people will say about your addiction. I’m sure that the people around you are MORE THAN WILLING to help you.

Another step that you need to do is to…


Just like what I’ve said, change will happen in you first. And this is why you need to first BELIEVE that you can OVERCOME your addiction.

It might seem impossible, and it might seem very difficult to do. But don’t allow yourself to be CARRIED AWAY by just your emotions. Just go do it.   

Just think of it this way. No one was born an addict.

I haven’t seen a baby who is an addict.

Have you ever seen a baby who already knows how to drink liquor, smoke, and use illegal drugs?

Do you remember how your life before you were deep in your addiction? You were able to live your life independently of that which you are now addicted to, right?

That’s why if you were able to do it, you CAN DO IT today. All you need to do is to BELIEVE because what you believe in life becomes the truth.

If you have already admitted your problem, and you believe in your ability to overcome your addiction, the next thing that you need to do is…


In your plan, you have to be able to answer these questions:

WHAT: What addiction do you want to overcome?

WHY: Why do you want to stop this addiction?

WHEN: When is your target date for you to achieve your goal?

HOW: How will you avoid addiction so that you can completely get over it?

WHO: Who among your friends and the professionals that you know can help you in this?

And lastly…


The longer you allow yourself to nurse this addiction, the more that you will be addicted to it.

This is why while it is still early, you can do something to prevent it from getting worse. And I do believe that the best day to stop your addiction is TODAY.


Are you addicted to something?

If yes, do you believe that you can overcome this?

What do you think is the positive effect of begin able to stop this vice or addiction of yours?

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