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PH Time Is Now

As Filipino Americans and Asian Americans, we are considerably underrepresented for many leadership positions across many industries, especially tech, with probably the exception of medical. I assume that we are also often overlooked.

So, when I saw a Filipino-centric organization put together for the purpose of gathering and connecting Global Filipinos leaders and entrepreneurs, I felt a calling to attend with an open mind and to contribute where I could.

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As a serial and social entrepreneur in a leadership role who also happens to be Filipino, I felt a sense of duty to attend the event to discuss entrepreneurship, impart a little knowledge, and hopefully, share some inspiration.

Long story short, I attended the PHTimeisNow inaugural event at the Harvard Club of New York, and it turned out SPECTACULARLY.

Here’s what I experienced: everyone from the speakers, mentors, trailblazers, and attendees were all open to sharing and listening to each other. It was a “judgment-free” space — resulting in genuine conversations and lasting relationships formed.

Being a serial entrepreneur and business owner who has hired many people to fill many different positions over the years, the truth is — it’s not what you know that gets you ahead in life, but it’s who you know.

Out of a group of job applicants with equal skill, knowledge, and passion, I tend to lean towards first hiring someone I know, or one who is highly recommended by someone I know, before others.

In the real world context, #PHTimeIsNow can be a conduit to connect and build meaningful connections with others both professionally and personally, and will create collaborations and opportunities for all attendees.

Two days after the June 9 event, my wife Janice and I had lunch with Carissa Villacorta, the creator of PHTimeIsNow. This was my first one-on-one meeting with Carissa, and she shared with me that PHTimeIsNow started as a dream just one year before. Through Carissa’s sheer will and determination, she succeeded in launching her seedling of an idea into a full out production. Carissa had given every last ounce of energy she had to make the event a beautiful reality. Even during the lunch, I felt like she could pass out at any moment as her exhaustion was apparent. I told her that this project is like her baby.

I also found out that Carissa had put up the event with just a very small team! This is a testament to her dream and to her will, that if you conceive it and believe it, you can achieve it.

Over the past two months, I am happy to have befriended her and have tried to make myself available to offer any advice to help on her entrepreneurial journey. Additionally, Carissa has a great branding and marketing mind and she has been there to guide me as well.

I encourage all of you to mentor others and to always seek mentors. No matter how high we rise in life, there is always something new to learn.

It’s also better to err on the side of participation. If you see something that potentially helps you get to the next level, or break barriers (both professionally or personally), or that can possibly ignite the spark of greatness within you — then step off the sidelines and jump into the game.

What do you have to lose?

I hope that you join us at PHTimeIsNow in Orlando this December 1-2, 2018 — and that it inspires you in a way that it has inspired me, and so many others.

My partner Serg Albino and I are happy to host it at our company HQ. We look forward to meeting all of you here.

This article is from the PH Time Is Now Blog.

The next PH Time Is Now event, this time with a unique Filipino Christmas touch, is scheduled for December 1 and 2, 2018 in Orlando, Florida at the scenic headquarters of ecoSPEARS.

PH Time is Now: Mentoring and Brainstorming Events is organized by ReachUs, LLC and powered by ecoSPEARS. For more information or to reserve your seats, visit www.phtimeisnow.com and follow @phtimeisnow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

GoodNewsPilipinas is a media partner of PH Time Is Now.

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