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Illac Diaz speaks on Filipino social innovation at 4Gamechangers Festival in Vienna | GoodNewsPilipinas.com Exclusive

Illac Diaz was invited to the 4Gamechangers Festival in Vienna, the first Filipino to be invited to the digital festival. Credits to 4Gamechangers Instagram

Edison-Awardee Illac Diaz was a speaker at the 4Gamechangers Festival in Vienna, Austria, the first Filipino to be invited to address the annual international gathering of digital innovators held in April 9-11, 2019.

Diaz was presented at the 4Gamechangers as a social entrepreneur working to empower communities in the Philippines and around the world through several pioneering programs in rammed earth, bamboo, and PET plastic bottle construction.

The founder of Liter of Light spoke at the Vienna festival just after ending his 100-day solar lighting mission on the Peace Boat, and before Steven Spielberg revealed his new Dreamworks film that features Diaz’ Liter of Light initiative to provide solar lamps to remote communities in the Philippines and around the world.

Good News Pilipinas spoke to Illac Diaz about speaking in Vienna and the achievements of the Liter of Light.

“Filipinos can be global speakers and winners,” Diaz explained about the value of being invited to Vienna’s 4Gamechangers saying that being invited to world events should be a more regular thing as “Filipinos have done so much for the world.”

“Being at the Game-changers was a great chance to show how stories such as Liter of Light from the Philippines are transforming lives around the world.

To change the story line from that humanitarian interventions are rising from the south as well as in Asia. It was also a chance to talk about the UNESCO program International Day of Light as often European children are unfamiliar with energy poverty.

It was great to be introduced as Filipino and to tell of our share in making the world a better and brighter place to live in.”

Illac Diaz is a featured panelist in the “Super-Potion Startup Power: Purpose-driven entrepreneurs finding solutions for global problems” at the 4Gamechangers. Credits to 4Gamechangers Facebook

Diaz then revealed to Good News Pilipinas the news that Liter of Light had just established a European agency headquarters in Italy and is slowly expanding offices in Germany and Holland.

The Liter of Light is also working with artists around the world to make record breaking light artworks made by the youth such as in Durham UK and Dubai, UAE.

Diaz adds he hopes to do projects in Vienna.

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