James De Los Santos wins gold match against Guinness Record holder

James De Los Santos Guinness World Record
James De Los Santos again faced off a world champion and came off victorious in the virtual kata tourney.

Filipino eKata world leader James De Los Santos won gold as he displayed top form in a match against his Guinness World Record holder and world champion competitor at the Katana International League #4.

De Los Santos wrapped up his Katana Intercontinental League #4 campaign on December 1, 2020, picking up his 25th gold in the current season and further firming up his hold on the top spot at the World eKata Rankings after he took over the leaderboard against the Portuguese leader.

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The Filipino champion won against his opponent Nagy Botond of Hungary, currently ranked no. 34 in the Olympics Ranking, no. 39 in the World Karate Federation Ranking, and a Guinness World Record holder.

On his way to battling the world champion, De Los Santos bested Slovenia in the semifinals.

“A meaningful 25th Gold.🥇… I would have to admit that this match meant a lot to me because my final opponent is Hungary’s best Senior Male Kata player. He is no. 34 in the Olympic Ranking, no. 39 in the WKF Ranking, and a Guinness World Record holder. Even though I emerged victorious, it was a very tough fight and an honor to be facing a kata player of such caliber. This will be a very memorable 25th Gold win🥇,” shared De Los Santos on social media.

WATCH the battle here and SEND CONGRATULATIONS in the comments below to James De Los Santos for winning his gold match against a Guinness World Record holder!

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