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Joseph Gordon-Levitt releases film on The Beaches of the Philippines

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s new film features videos, photos, poems, and audio sent in by proud Filipino netizens. Screengrabs from “The Beaches of the Philippines”

American actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt has released his latest short film on “The Beaches of the Philippines.”

The new film is the second Philippines-focused project from the famous actor and director, following “The Beauty of the Philippines” which put a spotlight on the country’s best tourist spots, as well as Filipino tradition and culture. Joseph Gordon-Levitt outsourced Filipino writers, photographers, and voice actors for his projects.

According to “The 500 Days of Summer” and “Don Jon” star, the new short film was created on HitRecord, his own collaborative media platform for talented filmmakers, musicians, and writers from around the world.

“Very proud to present the finished piece for “The Beaches of the Philippines,” collaboratively created by all of you on hitRECord,” the actor wrote.

“So many wonderful photographers, writers, and voice actors contributed to this one. Watching it come together has been awesome. Bravo to all the contributors!” Gordon-Levitt added.

Over 60 HitRecord community members worldwide participated to create the new film, according to Gordon-Levitt. “The Beaches of the Philippines” featured videos, photos, poems, and audio sent in by proud Filipino netizens for the movie project.

Picturesque Philippine beaches, Filipino culture, and priceless memories were captured on film alongside fiction and true stories contributed by Filipino community members which were remixed into a story for the final script of the video released on October 3, 2020. The full movie transcript reads:

“The beaches of the Philippines are my heaven. Bright blue, clear skies. Perfect pristine water. A calm, smooth breeze passing through my hair. These beaches are where my grandfather would climb long palm trees to get us coconuts. Their shores are where I watched fisherman cast their lines out into the horizon, long past the sight of a setting sun.

“They are where I come to watch the waves meet the shore, reminding me of the push and pull of life, as I listen to the ambient music of the wind dancing with the water. They help me let go of my problems, my worries, and fears by taking them out to sea.

“They can even make time stop, so you can enjoy that little moment you might have otherwise missed. The beaches of the Philippines are a paradise on this planet; nature’s form of therapy showing us the beauty of an endless summer.”

The white-sand beaches in Palawan, El Nido, Boracay, and Siargao, are world-famous for crystal clear waters and impressive marine biodiversity.

WATCH the film and SEND CHEERS in the comments below for American actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt who released his new project “The Beaches of the Philippines” which featured contributions from Filipino netizens!

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