JUST IN: Philippine images by Froilan Robas, Francis Lumahan win Asian Geographic tilt

Froilan Robas Asian Geographic tilt
This image of a garden spider and its prey won the Wildlife category of the June edition of the Images of Asia competition. Photo from Asian Geographic.

JUST IN: Two images shot in the Philippines by Filipino photographers Froilan Robas and Francis Lumahan have won the June edition of Images of Asia (IOA) competition by Asian Geographic.

The Filipino photographers were announced winners on Monday, June 1, 2020, by Asian Geographic social media.

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Froilan Robas won in the Street/People Category with his image of a scene during the annual Feast of Nazarene held every January.

“An annual festival celebrating the Feast of The Black Nazarene in Manila, Philippines people gather to join the feast and profess their faith. Many try to get near the replica of the Black Nazarene in their own way because of their belief to be spiritually cleansed,” Robas writes in the caption of the winning photo.

Froilan Robas was also a finalist in the APEC Photo Contest 2019.

Froilan Robas captured this scene at the Feast of Nazarene in Manila. Photo from Asian Geographic.

Francis M. Lumahan won in the Wildlife Category with his image of a garden spider and its prey.

“A common garden spider traps its meal, a housefly while hanging from its web”, wrote Lumahan of the winning image taken in San Juan City in Metro Manila.

The two Filipino photographers will be eligible in the 2020 Images of Asia Annual Competition to be held later this year, will be given their respective Asian Geographic Exclusive Spotlight: Photographer Feature interview, and free one-year subscription of Asian Geographic e-magazine.

The month of May has churned out numerous international recognition for Filipino photographers including Jophel Ybiosa who won the May 2020 IOA for his Wildlife Photography of a monkey in Malaysia.

Photojournalist Hannah Morales won the Infinity Awards in New York, Edwin Loyola won the International Color Awards and the GoPix Exposée, and Carlo Zamora and Klienne Eco won in UAE’s Xposure Home-Captured photo contest.

SEND CONGRATULATIONS in the comments below to Froilan Robas and Francis Lumahan for winning the Images of Asia by Asian Geographic.

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