Maine Mendoza-Carlo Aquino “Isa Pa With Feelings” highlights love that transcends languages

Isa Pa With Feelings
Maine Mendoza and Carlo Aquino learn to love and communicate without hearing. Credits to Black Sheep Ph.

Maine Mendoza and Carlo Aquino pair up in the cross-network collaboration “Isa Pa With Feelings”, a movie highlights how love can be expressed in languages other than speech.

This is the first screen team up between YouTube celebrity-turned-TV-host Maine Mendoza of GMA Network’s Eat Bulaga and actor-rapper Carlo Aquino of ABS-CBN Network.

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The movie that premieres on Wednesday is directed by Prime Cruz of Black Sheep, an ABS-CBN film subsidiary, in collaboration with APT Entertainment, the producer of the Philippines’ longest noon time show Eat Bulaga where Maine Mendoza is one of the hosts.

The movie “Isa Pa With Feelings” tells the story of Mara and Gali who learn to communicate despite one of the characters’ hearing disability.

Maine Mendoza plays the lead female character Mara, an aspiring architect who wants to get promoted at work.

Gali, played by Carlo Aquino, is a sign language teacher who is deaf but has the ability to “hear music” through vibrations.

When Mara wants to learn sign language for her niece, she meets Gali who is learning how to dance to music despite his hearing problem.

Since one of the leading characters has a hearing disability, the movie instead works on delivering Gali’s lines through his other senses.

Fans and audiences have been anticipating how the movie uses more of facial expressions, eye contacts, touch moments, and silent “kilig” gestures.

“Isa Pa With Feelings” starring Maine Mendoza and Carlo Aquino is the new movie offering of Black Sheep and APT Entertainment. Credits to Black Sheep Facebook.

Maine Mendoza, more known for her comedic style which she admitted is her “comfort zone” over drama, earned praises from her veteran actor co-star Carlo Aquino for delivering fine acting through her voice and through sign language.

Maine Mendoza and Carlo Aquino in “Isa Pa With Feelings” premieres in Philippine cinemas on October 16.

The movie’s international playdates are:

  • Japan – October 22
  • Middle East and Papua New Guinea – October 24
  • US, Canada, and Saipan – October 25
  • UK – October 26
  • Australia and New Zealand – October 31
  • Norway – November 3

The new ABS-CBN and GMA film collaboration movie follows the record-breaking success of the two network’s “Hello, Love, Goodbye” where Maine Mendoza’s AlDub partner, Alden Richards, was the leading actor.

The phenomenally successful AlDub tandem‘s anniversary movie “Imagine You And Me” was recently added to the list of Filipino films available on Netflix streaming.

WATCH “Isa Pa With Feelings” movie trailer here and SEND cheers in the comments below to the actors and filmmakers for showcasing the skills and capacities of people with disability through films!

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