Making Your Dream Into An Action Plan: Tips from Butz Bartolome

Making Your Dream Butz Bartolome
Butz Bartolome video streaming his business tips from California.

The Philippines’ top business mentor, Armando “Butz” Bartolome, shares the following tips in his Facebook broadcast on March 8, 2021.

Here are tools the Philippines’ Franchise Guru always refers to:

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1. Mindset is important

“Importante na ikaw mismo ang gagawa ng iyong success. Ikaw mismo sasabihin mong kakayanin ko ito, kaya ito, walang panahon, walang pandemic at kung gusto-gusto ko ay makakamit ko ang aking nais sa buhay.”

2. Identify Your Successful Points

“Think of the good things that happen to you. Think of the many aspirations that you want to achieve. Think of what you want to do in life.”

3. Make your Dream into an Action Plan

“Walang hong problemang mag dream. Libre yan. But make your dream into an action plan. Start small. Dream big. Hindi naman masamang managinip. But make sure that your panaginip is worth living for, worth doing, something that you want to do.”

4. Your Formula is Credibility

“Ang importanteng importante ay hindi pera, kundi credibility. The way people can trust you, the way how people can see you, the way that you can inspire people. Sa akin walang impossible. You can do it? Let’s do it.”

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