MEET: CEO Gina Romero empowering Filipino women with work from home career opportunities

Gina Romero Connected Women
Gina Romero’s Connected Women is a company that provides Filipino women economic opportunities to work from home. Credits to Gina Romero social media.

Career or family?

It’s that age-old question that embodies any modern woman’s worst nightmare – having to choose between marriage/parenthood and a professional life outside the home. Settling with the former means battling with regret of ‘throwing it all away’ while pursuing the latter means dealing with guilt of being ‘not good enough’.

And those who dared to juggle both at the same time (i.e. work in a traditional office setting and tend to family needs after an eight-hour shift or over the weekends) still consider that work-life balance notion a far-fetched idea that can only exist in a Utopian universe.

Putting an End to the Constant Struggle

Thankfully, technology is disrupting the way we do business these days, making it possible for working women to become the rule rather than the exception. The demand for remote jobs with flexible work arrangements has never been higher than today – but only few have heeded the call to provide such.

That’s the birth of Gina Romero’s Connected Women as a company that provides Filipino women economic opportunities to work from home. Founded in 2013, Connected Women is a far cry from typical recruitment agencies that connect companies with virtual employees who have little protection and are viewed as dispensable workers.

This Philippines-based social impact startup believes that technology can be integrated to the lives of women to allow them to pursue quality, long-term, work from home employment options that match their skills, passion, and availability.

Fulfilled Women = Flexibility + Freedom to Work Anytime, Anywhere

Designed with Filipino homemakers, stay at home mothers, and female entrepreneurs in mind, Connected Women started out as a community that offers technology skills tutorials and online job opportunities that can maximize the career potential of the Filipino women while staying close to home.

This female-empowered startup also serves as a gateway for companies worldwide to get access to a highly skilled and affordable talent pool – professional Filipinas specifically – who can meet their outsourcing needs.

Lack of appropriate tech-related trainings, being location-dependent, and shortage of stable online work options with flexible terms – these are universally shared problems that Connected Women hopes to eliminate so that Filipino women can finally be free to believe that they can have the best of both worlds.

Gina Romero, chief executive officer and co-founder of Connected Women said that ‘work should be an opportunity and not a sacrifice’ for professional Filipinas. She is a firm advocate of supporting the growth of women-led businesses globally – without leaving the comforts of one’s home – by harnessing the power of tech innovation.

“With the flexibility and freedom to work from anywhere – we can change the world from our kitchen tables!”, she added.

As of the second quarter of 2019, Connected Women has already reached an almost 50,000 members vying for a wide array of jobs in which the most in-demand are the fields of marketing and operations, business and project management, as well as content management.

Like Gina Romero, many Filipina working women have found work-life balance through work from home situations, among them, veteran homeschoolers and editor Angie Quadra Balibay.

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