Microsoft’s Hack the Classroom showcases Filipino innovator Jen Padernal

Jen Padernal
Jen Padernal will be seen on Microsoft’s Facebook Live Event live streaming from Philadelphia on June 25. Credits to Hack the Classroom.

Microsoft Education’s Hack the Classroom will showcase Filipino education innovator Jen Padernal in a live streaming broadcast from Philadelphia on June 25 (June 26 Philippine time). Padernal will be the only Filipino and Asian speaking at the event.

The Microsoft live broadcast will have Jen Padernal speaking two times on the Pennsylvania Convention Center stage for the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) 2019 EdTech Conference.

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Jen Padernal is currently the Global Director for E-learning integration at CYPHER LEARNING, a global company that specializes in providing learning platforms for organizations around the world. She also continues to volunteer to teach night school at De La Salle University-Dasmarinas (DLSU-D) in Cavite, Philippines.

Jen Padernal will be seen on the Microsoft live streaming broadcast presenting two topics:

  1. How Teachers Can Enhance Students’ Work-Ready Skills With Sway
  2. How To Create a Class in a Virtual Environment Through Microsoft Teams

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The Hack the Classroom event featuring Jen Padernal will line up the Filipino educator alongside changemakers in education and the innovators in student-centered learning.

Good News Pilipinas interviewed Jen Padernal ahead of the Microsoft Hack the Classroom event at the 2019 ISTE in Philadelphia.

Good News Pilipinas (GNP): Why is the use of Sway your focus in your first talk at ISTE?

Jen Padernal (JP): Sway is a free education platform that allows my students to write creatively, communicate effectively and collaborate. It can also be easily embedded in our LMS (Schoolbook powered by NEOLMS) which makes their assignments and documents very interactive and media rich.

Jen Padernal trains teachers of University of Batangas Lipa Campus on integrating technology into the classroom experience. Credits to NEOLMS

It is a media-rich free education platform that helps many teachers and students develop and enhance their future-ready skills.

My students can create blogs vlogs, newsletter, presentation and even co-author an article.

We also did a collab project with a school in the U.S. using Sway together with one section from the DLSU-D senior high and Mt. View Middle School in the USA.

GNP: What are the challenges in using these platforms in the Philippine setting?

JP: Challenges, many would say internet connectivity, but for me it is not.

The challenge is not having that growth mindset and acceptance that education has changed and that we need to adapt to these changes.

Many are still reluctant to integrate tech in teaching and we make the internet connectivity as an excuse.

But with the right combination of pedagogy and technology, education can change and can be transformed. Thus, making our students future proof and ready to face a highly technological economy.

Jen Padernal teaches 2019 ISTE educators how to enhance students’ work-ready skills using Sway in the classroom. Credits to Cypher Learning

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GNP: You work on disaster-proofing classes. How does that work?

JP: The key is in preparation and planning. Lessons and class activities are meant to be prepared in a digital platform even before a calamity or weather disturbance hits us. It should be prepared even before the semester or a grading period starts. So that when a weather disturbance happens and classes are suspended students will have access to lessons.

Power outage naman does not happen instantly and if ever it did, when the class resumes after a calamity or disaster, catch up, makeup or remedial classes which are usually conducted on weekends can now be avoided. Teachers and students can make use of digital platforms to catch up on lost time and day of classes.

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LEARN MORE from Filipino education innovator Jen Padernal as she shares how offering her class in a virtual environment through Microsoft Teams allowed 100% of her students to attend and engage in their learning. She will talk about her learnings and give tips on how to run a successful virtual classroom no matter what you teach.

TUNE IN to the Facebook Live Event as she speaks to a worldwide audience at the 2019 ISTE in Philadelphia on Microsoft’s Hack the Classroom live-streamed broadcast on June 25 (June 26, at 6AM Philippine Standard Time).

LINK Tune in for this Facebook Live Event

TELL US in the comments below if you plan to witness Jen Padernal, Filipino educator at the Microsoft Hack the Classroom of the 2019 ISTE in Philadelphia!

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