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Mikey Bustos awarded prestigious YouTube Gold Play Button

Mikey Bustos Youtube Gold
Mikey Bustos’ comedy/parody channel has hit the 1 million mark. Credits to Mikey Bustos.

Mikey Bustos has been awarded the YouTube Gold Play Button to mark his channel’s reaching the 1 Million Subscribers mark.

The Filipino Pride Advocate went on social media on August 10 to announce the arrival of his YouTube Award for the Mikey Bustos Videos channel.

“This particular Play Button means so much to me because though my comedy/parody channel was the channel I first experienced going viral back in 2011 (which eventually forged me into the world of Youtubing as a career) the #mikeybustosvideos channel was strangely the slowest of my YouTube channels to rise in subscribers for some reason,” wrote Bustos.

Recalling that the channel was the slowest to rise in subscribers (8 years to reach 1 million) among his many channels, the Filipino-Canadian YouTuber revealed that despite the slower-than-usual response to his channel he never gave up.

“But like a child that achieved success in tiny, baby steps, I never gave up hope on it, and I continued to pump out viral video after viral video, despite a changing internet world of challenges/drama vlogs dominating the Youtube space, until finally hitting the big 1M. I can’t help but feel like a proud parent and want to shout to the heavens “FINALLYYYYYYYYY!!!!”, as well as say that I am eternally grateful for the support!” added Bustos.

Mikey Bustos thanked his team, mentors, friends and family, God, and the fans who have helped him reach the YouTube milestone. He also pledged to create quality content that can be enjoyed by kids.

Bustos also had this piece of advice for aspiring content creators: “Be an influencer for a greater reason, for an inspiring mindset/philosophy, an exceptional talent/skill set, or for the knowledge that you possess. This will be your key to longevity in the world of social media, but more importantly your chance to change the world. Remember: popularity lasts 5 mins, 10 if you’re good at clickbait. Don’t aim to be a fad, aim to be iconic.”

The YouTube celebrity had earlier announced his reaching the 1 Million Subscribers milestone for the Mikey Bustos Videos YouTube channel during his anniversary on July 31.

SEND cheers and congratulations in the comments below for Mikey Bustos and his team for creating YouTube content that showcases Filipino pride!

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