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MYX VJs Arturo Daza, Aya Fernandez accept Light it Forward challenge

Arturo Daza Aya Fernandez Light it Forward Challenge
These two TV hosts brighten someone’s life with a little solar light. Photos credit to their Instagram.

MYX VJs Arturo “Turs” Daza and Aya Fernandez have accepted the LIGHT IT FORWARD challenge to provide a sustainable light source to Filipinos still living in darkness.

The engaging solar lighting challenge of Liter of Light Foundation bested 16 countries in the Social Prosperity category for the Asia Pacific Social Innovation and Partnership Award (APSIPA) for its goal to change the world while staying at home.

The Light it Forward campaign that honors frontliners while hand-building the solar lamps for the poor, continue to soar in the online world as celebrities, media reporters, social influencers, and health workers join the solar lighting movement.

In a span of 20-30 minutes for the assembly process, a hand-built solar lamp can brighten up a household for up to 5 years.

Join your favorite MYX VJs as they bring music and light to someone’s life.

Arturo “Turs” Daza

Arturo is a Star Magic artist and is popularly known for his hosting skill as a VJ on a music channel – MYX.

The 26-year old artist was challenged by ‘Halik’ star Yam Concepcion and partner Miguel CuUnjieng and shared his video online on August 25, 2020.

Turs briefly introduced the Liter of Light LIGHT IT FORWARD challenge. He shared that the foundation brings solar-powered light to communities without electricity.

The TV host excitedly began the assembly process from scratch and filmed it in a time-lapse mode.

Before lighting the solar lamp, Daza said that he charged it first for a couple of days. After that, he successfully and happily lit the solar lamp saying “Ang liwanag!” (It’s bright!)

“This solar light will actually last for up to 5 years and you can use it 12 hours a day, so it’s something that can really bring a lot of help to other people,” said VJ Turs.

He added, “You can be a light to someone’s life because no matter how much darkness there is, it will always be changed by a little light.”

Watch VJ Turs’ assembly process here:


Aya Fernandez

Aya is the ‘Mutya ng Pilipinas 2018’ winner who entered TV when she became a MYX VJ in 2019.

The TV host uploaded her video on September 4, 2020. She shared that the solar lamp will go to the communities from the rural areas in the Philippines who still have no access to electricity.

Aya goes on to say that there are still 16 million Filipinos who still use gas-powered lamps (lampara or gasera) and candles at night.

During the assembly process, the young social media influencer showcased the recycled part of the lamp and said that it lasts for 5 years.

After two attempts, Aya triumphantly lit the solar light all on her own. She also encouraged others to reach out to Liter of Light to join the challenge.

“In this time of crisis and pandemic, may we continuously shed light and be the light to other people… No help is too small for as long as this is to uplift another,” Fernandez said.

Watch VJ Aya’s assembly process here:


MYX VJs Arturo Daza and Aya Fernandez are part of the 5th batch of celebrity solar challengers.

Check out batch 1, batch 2, batch 3, and batch 4 here.

The APSIPA-awarded Light it Forward campaign is led by the Liter of Light Foundation in partnership with GoodNewsPilipinas.com and the Rotary Club of Makati Business District.

To learn more about Liter of Light and its Light It Forward campaign: visit the Light it Forward website here, and the Liter of Light Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

This article was first published on Light it Forward.

SEND CHEERS in the comments below to MYX VJs Arturo Daza and Aya Fernandez for accepting the Light it Forward Challenge to provide a light source to Filipinos still living in darkness.

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