Nora Aunor-Jo Berry teleserye a big hit in the Dominican Republic

Nora Aunor Jo Berry teleserye
The cast of The Way To Your Heart (Onanay) retitled “El Amor Mas Grande” in the Spanish-dubbed version, Jo Berry (2nd for Left), Nora Aunor (3rd from Left), Cherie Gil (extreme Right). Credits to Jo Berry Instagram.

The Way To Your Heart (Onanay), the Nora Aunor and Jo Berry teleserye of GMA Network, has been certified a big hit in the Dominican Republic.

The 2018 Philippine television series which ended in March 2019 is delivering high ratings for broadcaster Color Vision as the second most-watched program on the Dominican Republic daytime ratings.

Retitled “El Amor Mas Grande” in a Spanish-dubbed version, the Filipino series scored an average audience share of 12.48% on the 4-5 PM timeslot between October 10-23.

El Amor Mas Grande entered the Dominican Republic through the successful partnership between the GMA’s content distribution subsidiary, GMA Worldwide, Inc. (GWI) and Latin Media Corp. (LMC).

The series is directed by actor-director Gina Alajar and stars Philippine cinema icon Nora Aunor, Cherie Gil, and Jo Berry in the title role which gave her the Most Promising Female Star for Television Award at the 50th Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Scholarship Foundation Box Office Awards.

Onanay tells the story of a mother with achondroplastic dwarfism longing for the acceptance of her daughter while struggling through her difficult situation complicated by the lies, prejudice, and discrimination around her.

Jo Berry is currently seen as the second mother of Sep, Alden Richards‘ blind character in the new GMA series, The Gift.

Cherie Gil, one of Philippine cinema’s most iconic villains, has just released her first book, Kontrabida Contradiva.

Nora Aunor, acknowledged as the country’s best drama icon, is being championed by various sectors for a National Artist recognition.

SEND congratulations in the comments below to the production family of Onanay for making waves as it showcases Filipino talent on the global scene!

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