Of Sinners and Saints win Los Angeles Indie Filmfest

Of Sinners and Saints, an independent drama about a Catholic priest from Rome who is sent to do mission work in Payatas, won 3 major awards at the 2016 International Independent Film Awards in Los Angeles, California.

Ruben Maria Soriquez in a scene from Of Sinners and Saints
Ruben Maria Soriquez in a scene from Of Sinners and Saints [via IMDb]

The film was given the Gold Award for Best Narrative Feature and Best Original Score. The performance of director, Filipino-Italian Ruben Maria Soriquez who essays the role of Italian priest Leonardo in the film, was awarded the Platinum Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role.

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Of Sinners and Saints depicts how the priest’s mission to counsel battered women and teach poor children in the Philippines is faced with difficulties when he meets a young woman with a violent husband and a missing child.

Soriquez told the Philippine Daily Inquirer in a published interview, “The inspiration is to put the spotlight on some problems here in the Philippines, such as child abuse, violence against women and poverty.”

The 43-year-old Soriquez moved to the Philippines in 2013 with his Filipino wife and son after a long career in acting and directing in Italy. He was born and raised in Bologna, Italy to a Filipino father and Italian mother.

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