OFW architect Rowel Naanep makes recycled mini art Philippine Jeepneys

Rowel Naanep recycled mini art Jeepney
Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) Rowel Naanep creates jaw-dropping sculptures from collected plastic litter to inspire others to recycle.

OFW architect Rowel Naanep crafted the iconic miniature Jeepney from recycled materials in a bid to reduce plastic waste and boost environmental sustainability.

Photos of Naanep’s eco-conscious miniature vehicles went viral online, gaining much favor with netizens who praised the architect for his meticulous craftsmanship and environmental message.

He also featured the Pinoy ‘traysikel’ in the miniature vehicle series. The artist has been creating the mini-cars since December 2019.

Naanep makes use of everything from cheap plastic lighters to fabric conditioner bottles to produce sculptures that raise awareness for the environment. Among the work he has fashioned from various plastic bottles include his steampunk-inspired collection and a fashionable face mask.

The Filipino artist’s environment-friendly work has already been showcased in prestigious art exhibits abroad.

Naanep is grateful for the attention and hopes to introduce recycling to fellow artists, citing the plastic bottles he finds in the streets as great inspiration for potential masterpieces.

Support Rowel Naanep’s eco-friendly art here.

Rowel Naanep recycled mini art Traysikel

Many Filipinos have started eco-conscious projects to advocate for the environment amid the pandemic.

Boholano Pedro Angco Jr. also champions recycling through his Seanelas art derived from collected ocean litter.

Students from Dipolog city made use of discarded face masks to form a QR code on a beach to direct people to COVID-19 updates while sending an environmental message.

Palawan-based company AraPilak launched a clothing line made from flour sack fabric or ‘katsa’ to promote environmental sustainability amid the pandemic.

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