One Wealth-Creation Idea Anyone Can Do

money without capital
Chinkee Tan gives tips on how to start earning money without capital. Credits to Chinkee Tan.

Are you tired of your current job?
Wanting to start your own career or business?
Thinking about resigning or retiring soon?

Before you do anything rash, make sure you know how to create wealth to keep the income flowing. Reality is, the moment we stop working, we stop earning but we don’t stop spending.

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If you want to start earning money without capital. Probably the most fundamental way to create wealth is by SELLING. If you have the funds, starting a business or buying a franchise is a good idea.

But even if you have limited funds, you can still be in business by becoming a middleman. How does it work?

That is exactly what I did when I was 12. I went to Divisoria and looked for products I know that people need and like. Hanes shirt with print was the ‘in’ thing during those days. I asked if they can give me a catalogue of their products. Then I offered it to friends. I took the order and get it from my supplier.

Did you get the idea?

You simply ‘connect’ the one who has a need or want – with the one who has the product or service that can solve their problem.’

Another Example:
Your friend wants to build a website for his business, so you introduce your cousin who is a web designer; and in turn, you get a commission.

Your co-employees are having a hard time managing their budget, so you resell ‘My Ipon Diary’ books to them to help them save money.

But becoming a middleman is not as easy as you might think. Oftentimes, people don’t even reveal the issues they’re dealing with… so you have to dig deeper. How?

By asking the right questions! Ask them things related to FORD – family, occupation, recreation, and dreams.

Here are some samples:
How have you been?
How’s your family (mom, dad, brother, sister, spouse, kids, grandkids, etc.)?
How’s your work/business?
What do you like/dislike about your job/business?
What’s your daily routine like?
What are you busy with right now?
What do you do in your spare time?
What are your goals this year?

After asking, let them talk! Pay full attention and be interested in what they have to say.

People love talking about themselves, so after asking… just listen. When they’re done speaking, you can share your own views or experiences so it doesn’t become a one-sided conversation.

Then ask further questions about their topic of interest until you’ve hit their ‘pain points’ or found out what their problems are.

Everyone has problems. You just need to ask the right questions to discover what they are, and then show them that you genuinely care enough to help them if you can.

For example, if you found that your friend has been diagnosed with diabetes, and another friend of yours is selling an anti-diabetic FDA-approved supplement, then you just make that ‘connection’ to help and profit at the same time.

If none of your contacts has the ‘solution’ to a problem, then search online for available sources. Be resourceful. You can then buy and sell it to them with a markup.

When you help solve their problem, and you earn in the process, everyone wins! Just make sure you’ve done the proper research and the product is effective because your reputation is on the line.

If you build trust at the start, they will remember you down the line as the one who has helped them, and they could become a repeat customer for life!


Do you know individuals who you can connect together as a middleman?
In what way can you help the two individuals?
What other wealth-creation idea do you have in mind and how can you apply it in your real life?

Creating wealth is as easy as selling the solution to a problem. But aside from creating wealth, there are 3 other areas of the ‘Wealth Quadrant’ that you should pay attention to… if you want to be financially secure.

To know all about the ‘Wealth Quadrant’ and other secrets to earn (even if you stopped working or while you’re sleeping), check out my course ‘How to Retire Before 50.’

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