Palawan’s Nagsagipi River offers “Home of the Fireflies” watching tours

Palawans Nagsagipi River
Fireflies form a natural Christmas tree in Palawan. Credits to Trip Advisor.

Palawan’s Nagsagipi River is being promoted as the “Home of the Fireflies” where visitors can enjoy firefly watching tours.

The Puerto Princesa City Tourism Office has invited the public to visit Nagsagipi River in Barangay Salvacion, north of Puerto Princesa City as it opens the city’s 3rd firefly watching site, after Kitu-Kito and Iwahig.

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Firefly watching has actually been ranked by Trip Advisor as Top 8 Among Things To Do in Palawan.

The new “Home of the Fireflies” tour in Puerto Princesa covers visiting a grassy area where the fireflies stay during the day and then light up as they fly to the surrounding trees at night. The firefly watching tour can be done by boat or by walking.

The Nagsagipi River tour also offers bird watching, boating or kayaking, and swimming.

The City Tourism charges the following fees for the Nagsagipi River tours:

  • Php 150 dinner meal
  • Php 150 firefly watching stroll with kayaking
  • Php 200 for combined stroll and kayaking tours plus entry to the firefly sanctuary

Palawan’s Nagsagipi River firefly watching site opens to the public on July 28.

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