Pampanga transforms PHL’s biggest ferris wheel into giant Christmas lantern

Christmas giant lantern“lantern-hope”-sm-city-pampanga

Pampanga, known as a culinary hotbed and renowned as the Christmas Capital of the Philippines, has turned the country’s biggest ferris wheel into a giant “Parol” – the dazzling handcrafted Christmas lantern symbolizing the Star of Bethlehem.

The Kampapangan Giant Parol Lantern, which was incorporated into the national costume of reigning MIss Universe Catriona Gray, is SM City Pampanga’s way to herald the Christmas festivities, the Southeast Asian Games in Pampanga, and the upcoming SM 60th anniversary. SM City Pampanga came up with the idea to really level up this year and make the tallest Christmas lantern ever!

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SM City Pampanga followed the province’s lantern-making tradition, a heritage that actually goes way back to the 1930s with the arrival of electricity in their province, by transforming the Philippine’s tallest ferris wheel – “The Pampanga Eye” into the Biggest Christmas Lantern of Hope.

The “Pampanga Eye“, standing at a height of 65 meters (213 ft.) and adorned with 17,664 dancing led lights, put on a lights show at the SM City Pampanga Amphitheater on November 16 in its first of four Saturday runs.

The public was treated with a pyro musical show that dazzled the spectators with fireworks displays and mesmerizing dancing lights synced with the Philippines’ beloved favorite Christmas songs.

SM City Central Luzon regional operations manager Andrea Madlangbayan said the annual lighting of the Biggest Lantern of Hope aims to make holiday celebration in Pampanga, especially in the City of San Fernando, even grander.

“Five years ago was when we first lit the Biggest Lantern of Hope, all we want is to share the holiday vibes to our mall goers. Since then, we are very delighted to know that we have become part of the Christmas tradition of Kapampangan families, and even those from Central and Northern Luzon who joined us in this annual event,” said Madlangbayan.

Visitors and families from the surrounding towns, cities, and provinces can still see and experience the biggest lantern of hope and the amazing spectacle of fireworks display and synchronized dancing lights for the next 3 consecutive Saturdays: November 23, November 30, and December 7 every 6:00 pm.

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