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How Jose Mari Chan ushers in the Pinoy Christmas Season in September

Jose Mari Chan Christmas season
Jose Mari Chan’s ushering of the Pinoy Christmas season is embraced by netizens with videos and memes. CTTO via Zarah Mae Academia.

It’s the first day of September and as if on cue – Filipinos usher the Pinoy Christmas Season with decors and more than a little help from Jose Mari Chan and his songs.

All throughout the Philippines and around the world where there are Filipinos, Pinoys were excitedly counting down to the start of the “Ber” months of September to December and the promise of celebrations, of gatherings with family and friends, vacations, and gift-giving.

And right in the middle of the countdown to September, Jose Mari Chan has been the main topic. What makes this sugar baron, who considers music and family as the greatest gifts, the season’s favorite usher? Keep reading.

Good News Pilipinas found quite a number of gems about Jose Mari Chan that prove the man, despite refusing the tag of “Father of Christmas”, is really a top usher for the Pinoy Christmas Season. Here are a few.

Jose Mari Chan and his Christmas Songs

Jose Mari Chan Christmas season
Jose Mari Chan’s songs – of love, of nationalism, of Christmas – have made the romantic balladeer a household name. Credits to Universal Records YouTube.

All throughout the Philippines, people were waking up and spending the day listening to the cool voice of the songwriter-balladeer as radio and television stations start playing his songs for what is touted as the world’s longest celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Jose Mari Chan brought us “Christmas in Our Hearts” and “Perfect Christmas” along with his sentimental versions of all-time favorite Yuletide songs.

Listen to his songs now available not just on radio but also on various social media and music sharing applications.

Even better, Jose Mari Chan announced today he has a new Christmas album with 22 new songs now available on Spotify titled “Going Home to Christmas”.

Jose Mari Chan Trending Memes

Jose Mari Chan Christmas season
Jose Mari Chan says he is flattered that people are making memes of him. Shown here as the smiley Thanos. CTTO via Jayp on Facebook.

The ushering of Christmas in the Philippines has also taken over the social media, with netizens posting and sharing Jose Mari Chan songs, GIFs, and memes placing the singer in the top Trending Topics on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Jose Mari Chan has been trending along with top-ranking Christmas amidst fan-driven hashtags for their own idols.

On this first day of September, #JoseMariChan trumps #Alden and #KathDen – two of the most recent trending hashtags ascribed to Alden Richards’ winning the Asian Star Prize as the newest “Oppa” in Seoul, and his blockbuster movie with Kathryn Bernardo, “Hello, Love, Goodbye“.

Jose Mari Chan Online Articles

Jose Mari Chan Christmas season playlist
Jose Mari Chan articles are being searched and read with gusto today. Credits to Wilson Lee Flores via Philstar.

Internet articles about the singer from a year ago and beyond have resurfaced on the internet as netizens searched all things, Jose Mari Chan.

As the man of the hour became a trending topic, articles and interviews are being reposted, and new ones are being published.

Read this story behind the song, Christmas In Our Hearts, by Wilson Lee Flores.

Jose Mari Chan Videos YouTube

Let’s sing Merry Christmas and a happy holiday
This season may we never forget the love we have for Jesus
Let him be the one to guide us as another new year starts
And may the spirit of Christmas be always in our hearts

(Christmas In Our Hearts, music and lyrics by Jose Mari Chan, co-lyricist Rina Caniza)

Admit it. You have searched for Jose Mari Chan songs on YouTube to watch, to accompany your day and night, and to reminisce meaningful moments you heard the song.

We share this video to all readers who want to see the original music video of the Christmas song that will fill our days and nights from hereon.

CHECK OUT Jose Mari Chan and daughter Liza singing “Christmas in Out Hearts” in this Universal Records music video.

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