Pasig City’s Bahay na Tisa declared Important Cultural Property

Bahay na Tisa
Bahay na Tisa in Pasig City joins the list of the Philippines’ Important Cultural Properties. Photo from Anak ng Pasig Facebook.

Bahay na Tisa, a heritage structure in Pasig City, has been declared and listed as an Important Cultural Property of the Philippines.

The Bahay na Tisa, located at P. Gomez St., San Jose, Pasig City, was publicly declared as Important Cultural Property in a ceremony attended by cultural workers from the National Museum of the Philippines and the city government of Pasig on February 19, 2020.

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The declaration coincided with the 75th year celebration of the Pasig Liberation.

The Bahay na Tisa was built by Don Cecilio Tech y Cabrera in the early 1850s, during the Spanish colonial period in the Philippines.

Aside from being the residential house of the Tech family for seven generations, the over a century-old Bahay na Tisa has witnessed the significant events in the history of Pasig City and the whole country.

The 174-year-old Spanish colonial house was dubbed the Freedom House during the time of Martial Law and opened its doors for both political factions.

Bahay na Tisa, aside from being used as the unofficial Barangay headquarters at one point in its timeline, also houses the religious image of Santo Niño de Pasion. It is said that religious activities were done inside the house every Sunday after Easter.

The heritage structure, whose roofing was destroyed during the second World War, thereafter became a favorite venue for art exhibits and film showings.

Because of the Bahay na Tisa’s contribution to the history, culture and way of life of the Pasigueños, the old house was recognized by the Pasig City government with the Dangal ng Pasig Award for Culture in 2019.

Other centuries-old structures are being preserved at the premium-class heritage resort of Las Casas del Filipinas de Acuzar in Bataan, while the First United Building in Escolta is being maximized while adapting to the change of time. Its museum offers free admission for the whole month of February 2020.

The old Elizalde Building in Iloilo was converted into Museum of Philippine Economic History while the abandoned HSBC building in Binondo was transformed into Grand Café 1919.

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