Pera o Bayong?

Chinkee Tan
Chinkee Tan

For most, the basis of a person’s success is his wealth.

When a person is able to buy a new car, then he is successful.

If he lives in a big house, he is successful.

If she is able to travel anywhere she wants, then she is successful.

Yes, we can assume that they are successful financially because they can afford these things. But is success just all about the money?

For me, it is not.

What determines TRUE SUCCESS is CHARACTER.

How do I attain that?

Before anyone can even buy any of those expensive stuff, he or she has to go through a process to reach the goal, which is the fund that is needed.

This process includes working hard for it eight hours a day, five to six days per week. So the question is, did you work hard for this or did you just get a loan for the money?

If you are in the sales industry, have you reached the position you are in now through the proper means or did you violate a company policy to get the recognition?

To get what you want in life, have you stepped on other people’s feet or did you help them while on your way to your goal.

Having the RIGHT CHARACTER during the journey to success is crucial.

Whenever we work, we shouldn’t just focus on the result, which is the money. Let’s remember that we need to have the right mentality in order to reach TRUE SUCCESS in life.

And when you have reached your goal, the next question is…


I really believe that money does not change people’s character but it only REVEALS them.

There are those who are good at the start of things: respectful to everyone at work, but when he begins to accumulate more money, he changes! He now begins to boss everyone around!

For me, no matter how much money a person has in the bank, wallet of pocket, but has a very bad attitude then whatever success he has gained is insignificant. Most of the time, these success stories are SHORT-LIVED.

For example, you are a successful business owner. You are too focused on MONEY, so you entertain thoughts of pocketing the commission that should rightfully go to your employee. We all know that sooner or later, this bad and selfish practice will come out. And when that happens, your INTEGRITY will be damaged. Then eventually, your workers will NOT TRUST you anymore and may even leave. Result? You may eventually end up with nothing.

That’s why I want you to remember this: Character is important for you to move towards success. And it is also important even after being successful for you to be able to STAY in that success.


Do you value character more than money?

Or have you forgotten the importance of character because of money?

What are your ways to maintain good character?

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Chinkee Tan
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