Philippine MSMEs Shine: 2023’s Top 10 Inspiring Success Stories on

Philippine MSMEs Success Stories
Are you looking for the best Philippine MSME stories this 2023? Look no further – Good News Pilipinas reveals the Top 10 list.

2023 was a remarkable year for Filipino Micro Small Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), demonstrating resilience and innovation. This installment of “2023 Year in Review: 100 Inspiring Stories of Filipino Pride” on highlights the ten most impactful stories from our Good MSME section.

These narratives showcase the adaptability and creativity of Filipino entrepreneurs, as they navigated challenges and seized opportunities.

Top 10 MSME Stories:

  1. PHILSME Business Expo in Manila
    • “Bigger PHILSME Business Expo on May 5-6, 2023 at the SMX Convention Center, Manila”
      The PHILSME Business Expo, the Philippines’ biggest business-to-business trade show, returned in 2023, empowering SMEs with over 120 exhibitors and sponsors showcasing various business solutions. Held at the SMX Convention Center, Manila, this event provided networking opportunities for thousands of entrepreneurs and featured keynotes and presentations from industry leaders.For more details on this story, please visit
  2. Empowering Entrepreneurs at 13th PHILSME Expo
    • “13th PHILSME Business Expo Empowers 9,000 Business Owners & Entrepreneurs”
      The 13th PHILSME Business Expo, held at the SMX Convention Center Manila, successfully empowered over 9,000 SMEs, start-ups, and entrepreneurs. With over 130 exhibitors showcasing a wide array of business solutions, the event was a hub for networking, learning, and growth. It featured keynotes and industry experts’ presentations, offering attendees invaluable insights.For more details on this story, please visit
  3. PHILSME Business Expo’s Return
    • “Bigger PHILSME Business Expo Returns to Empower More SMEs”
      The 13th Philippine SME Business Expo (PHILSME) is set to return at the SMX Convention Center Manila, offering an expansive platform for SMEs, start-up founders, and entrepreneurs. This event, known as the country’s largest business-to-business expo, aims to provide more than 180 business solutions and opportunities, featuring over 120 exhibitors. The expo is a vital opportunity for networking and growth, equipped with keynotes and presentations from industry experts.For more details on this story, please visit
  4. Networking Opportunities for SMEs
    • “Grow Your Business Network With Free Online Events for SMEs”
      The article discusses the value of networking for business growth, highlighting free online events for SMEs. It emphasizes the importance of building new connections for business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives, offering platforms for networking and collaborations. The piece also mentions specific business networking groups and their role in providing opportunities for SMEs to connect with industry experts and solution providers.For more details on this story, please visit
  5. OTOP Bill to Invigorate Filipino Products
    • “Discover the Game-Changing OTOP Bill to Invigorate Uniquely Filipino Products”
      The “One Town, One Product” (OTOP) bill, aimed at revitalizing uniquely Filipino products, has been successfully passed by the Philippine Senate and House of Representatives. This bill focuses on empowering micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) by offering support for product development, capacity building, market compliance, and promotion. The OTOP Philippines Act of 2023 institutionalizes the program nationally, promoting local specialties and fostering innovation in products and services.For more details on this story, please visit
  6. Google DEEP Program for Digital Transformation
    • “Google DEEP Program: Empowering Filipino MSMEs with Essential Digital Tools”
      Google Philippines’ Digital Export Enablement Programme (DEEP) is designed to empower local MSMEs by utilizing Google tools for business modernization and expansion. In collaboration with the Department of Trade and Industry, the International Trade Centre, and the International Chamber of Commerce, DEEP offers a comprehensive entrepreneurial journey, focusing on digital transformation and export skills. This initiative is part of Google’s broader efforts to build a Digital Philippines, supporting MSMEs in exploring international markets.For more details on this story, visit
  7. Supporting Halal Products in Marawi
    • “Reviving Hope: How this Business Initiative is Supporting Local Halal Products in Post-Conflict Marawi”
      The TALES of Marawi project, a government initiative, is revitalizing local halal entrepreneurship in post-conflict Marawi. It focuses on training and marketing support for over 100 MSMEs, primarily benefiting survivors of the 2017 Marawi siege. The project, part of the Task Force Bangon Marawi program, promotes the indigenous culture of Marawi, aiding the city’s economic recovery and showcasing its vibrant culture and culinary heritage.
      For more details on this story, please visit
  8. Milliconnections’ Hearing Health Initiative
    • “Pioneering Safe Listening Initiative: Milliconnections Partners with DOST STII to Promote Hearing Health”
      Milliconnections has partnered with DOST STII to promote hearing health through the Make Listening Safe Workgroup. This initiative, focusing on accessible hearing health information, was launched during National Children’s Month in November 2023. It targets economically challenged communities and includes plans like identifying 100 beneficiaries for the Digital Library, a direct outcome of this initiative, emphasizing the importance of safe listening practices.
      For more details on this story, please visit
  9. Technological Advancement in Mrs. G Cakeshop
    • “Mrs. G Cakeshop Finds Secret Recipe for Delighting Customers with Converge”
      Mrs. G Cakeshop, an Isabela-based confectionery, has found success in the local confectionery industry by emphasizing customer delight and a warm, friendly atmosphere. The business has grown to become a leading cake shop in North Luzon, aided by its investment in technology for efficient operations. Partnering with Converge ICT Solutions, Mrs. G Cakeshop utilizes Converge flexiBIZ for real-time inventory monitoring and same-day order fulfillment, enhancing service quality and customer satisfaction.
      For more details on this story, please visit
  10. Global Recognition for Filipino Cacao
    • “From Local to Global: Filipino Farmers’ Cacao Beans Rank Among World’s Top 50, Auro Chocolate-SOFA Partnership Pays Off”
      Saloy Filipino farmers, in partnership with Auro Chocolate, achieved global recognition as their cacao beans were ranked among the World’s Top 50 at the Cacao of Excellence Awards in France. This milestone represents the success of Auro Chocolate’s Organic Conversion Program and the farmers’ dedication, to showcasing the unique flavors of Filipino chocolate and sustainable agriculture practices on an international stage.
      For more details on this story, please visit

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These ten stories embody the spirit of Filipino entrepreneurship, marking 2023 as a year of significant growth and achievement for MSMEs in the Philippines.

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