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2023 marked a year of significant achievements for Filipino businesses, with extraordinary stories of innovation, sustainability, and global recognition. This series, “2023 Year in Review: 100 Inspiring Stories of Filipino Pride,” kicks off with a focus on ‘Good Business.’ We showcase the Top 10 business stories that reflect the outstanding practices and progress of companies and entrepreneurs connected to the Philippines.

These stories not only earned the most views and attention from our audience in the Philippines and worldwide but also represent the dynamic and resilient spirit of Filipino entrepreneurship.

Top 10 Good Business Stories:

  1. Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia: Filipino Trailblazers Emerge
    • In 2023, seven remarkable Filipinos earned spots on Forbes’ prestigious “30 Under 30 Asia” list, a testament to their innovative impact in various industries. These young entrepreneurs, representing companies like Expedock, Lista, Shipmates, and TOQA, have made significant strides in technology, finance, e-commerce, and fashion. Their achievements highlight the use of creativity and resilience to address global challenges, marking a proud moment for the Philippines on the international stage.
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  2. Philippine Dining: Culinary Excellence on Asia’s 50 Best List
    • In 2023, two distinguished Filipino dining spots, Toyo Eatery and Metiz, proudly made it onto the coveted list of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants. Toyo Eatery, led by Chef Jordy Navarra, received multiple recognitions including the Philippines’ Best Restaurant and the Sustainable Restaurant Award. Metiz, under Chef Stephan Duhesme, debuted on this prestigious list, showcasing Filipino cuisine with its innovative menu. These accolades highlight the Philippines’ rising culinary scene on the international stage.
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  3. Innovations at Ayala Malls: Enhancing Lifestyle and Culture
    • 2023 saw Ayala Malls unveiling a series of new store offerings, enhancing the shopping experience with innovative and exclusive concepts. From HOKA’s first Philippine store at Ayala Malls Manila Bay to Nike Live’s experiential store at Alabang Town Center, each mall has evolved into a lifestyle and cultural hub. The introduction of diverse dining and retail options, such as the globally acclaimed restaurant Tiong Bahru and the largest Timezone in the Philippines at Fairview Terraces, signifies Ayala Malls’ commitment to creativity and diversity.
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  4. Philippine Coffee: Making a Mark in the Global Market
    • Philippine coffee has garnered international acclaim with two unique varieties from Bukidnon making their debut at Blue Bottle stores. This milestone is a collaboration between Manila’s Kalsada Coffee and Blue Bottle Coffee. It marks a significant moment in the resurgence of Philippine coffee, once a global coffee powerhouse. The Philippine Set includes “Philippines Sitio San Roque Typica Sweet” and “Philippines Sitio San Roque Anaerobic Natural,” showcasing the innovative and experimental approaches of Filipino coffee producers.
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  5. Binalot’s Eco-Friendly Approach: Revolutionizing Fast Food Packaging
    • Binalot, a leading Filipino fast-food chain, is transforming the industry with its commitment to environmental sustainability through eco-friendly packaging. They’ve switched to biodegradable materials for containers and cutlery, significantly reducing their carbon footprint. This initiative aligns with Binalot’s vision to promote sustainability and corporate responsibility, setting a benchmark for eco-conscious practices in the fast-food sector. It’s a significant step towards marrying culinary delight with ecological care, making each meal a conscious choice for a greener future.
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  6. Converge E-Waste Management: Promoting Responsible Disposal
    • Converge ICT Solutions has launched an e-waste collection campaign in Angeles City, Pampanga. The campaign, part of their #CountdownToZeroWaste initiative, aims to achieve zero-landfill output by 2030. Collection boxes for electronic waste are placed in three business centers, encouraging the community to participate in responsible waste management. The collected e-wastes are recycled into new materials in partnership with government-accredited recyclers, aligning with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources standards.
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  7. Potato Corner and Gawad Kalinga: Empowering Filipino Farmers
    • Potato Corner, the beloved Filipino snack chain, has collaborated with Gawad Kalinga to launch the new Harvest Chips product. This initiative supports underprivileged Filipino farmers by sourcing local potatoes directly from them. The Harvest Chips, made in Gawad Kalinga’s Enchanted Farm and flavored with Potato Corner’s iconic seasonings, represent a fusion of flavor and social advocacy. This partnership not only offers a delicious snack but also aims to enhance the livelihoods of Filipino farmers, reflecting Potato Corner’s commitment to community and sustainability.
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  8. CYPHER Learning: Preparing Students for the Digital Economy
    • CYPHER Learning’s event in Manila, in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), aimed at upskilling Filipino students for the global digital economy. The meet-up focused on strategies for effective e-learning programs, skills development, and AI. This initiative is part of CYPHER Learning’s commitment to bridging the gap between education and industry, ensuring students and the current workforce are equipped for global competitiveness in the rapidly evolving digital economy.
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  9. Converge and CMIT: Combating Poverty Through Financial Inclusion
    • Converge ICT Solutions Inc. has partnered with CARD MRI Information Technology (CMIT), Inc. to enhance financial inclusion and poverty eradication in the Philippines. This collaboration aims to provide over 8.8 million Filipinos with seamless access to financial services. Leveraging Converge’s high-bandwidth enterprise-grade connectivity solutions, the partnership will boost the productivity and digital adaptation of CARD MRI’s operations, thereby advancing their commitment to uplifting Filipino lives in hard-to-reach communities.
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  10. Pru Life UK: Global Recognition at the International Business Awards
    • Pru Life UK, a leading life insurance provider in the Philippines, has been honored with four prestigious Stevie awards at the 20th International Business Awards in Rome, Italy. The awards recognize Pru Life UK’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and its innovative campaigns on climate change communication and employee engagement. The insurer’s PRUHealth FamLove plan was awarded a Silver Stevie for its inclusivity in offering critical illness coverage for diverse family structures.
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