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Philippine Good Deeds Stories
These Top 10 Good Deed stories of 2023 highlight the best of how Pinoys give back to others in need.

In 2023, the Philippines witnessed numerous acts of kindness and community spirit. As part of our “2023 Year in Review: 100 Inspiring Stories of Filipino Pride” series, we spotlight the most heartwarming Good Deed stories that uplifted and inspired the nation.

From EJ Obiena auctioning his gear for aspiring athletes, to Albert Bautista’s honesty at NAIA, innovative support for farmers through Valentine’s vegetable bouquets to May Parsons’s foundation empowering Filipino nurses, and young Ashnor Cadato’s admirable act of returning money. A teen’s rescue of a stray dog Ganers, airport security personnel’s integrity, Anne Curtis’s marathon for youth abuse survivors, Alden Richards’s ocean conservation efforts, and the UP Fighting Maroons’ visit to pediatric patients further highlighted the Filipino spirit of giving back.

Top 10 Good Deed Stories:

  1. EJ Obiena’s Athletic Gear Auction for Future Pole Vaulters
    • “EJ Obiena Auctions Off Gold-Medal Gear to Fund Next Generation of Filipino Pole Vaulters”
      Filipino pole vaulter Ernest John “EJ” Obiena auctioned his gold-medal gear to support future Filipino athletes. The initiative, “Katapulting an Athlete’s Dream,” aims to build pole vault training pits in the Philippines, providing facilities, coaching, and community support. EJ’s gear from significant competitions like the Asian Games and SEA Games was auctioned, with proceeds funding this ambitious project to nurture young talent.For more details on this story, please visit
  2. Albert Bautista’s Honesty at NAIA
    • “Honest Airport Security Returns 1.4M Cash, Valuables”
      Albert Bautista, an aviation security guard at Ninoy Aquino International Airport, exemplified honesty by returning a passenger’s lost belongings, including 1.4 million pesos in cash and valuables. The bag, forgotten by Basilan Mayor Hanie Bud, was promptly turned over to the airport’s lost and found section. Bautista’s integrity, celebrated by netizens and airport management, underscores the value of honesty and integrity in everyday life.For more details on this story, please visit
  3. Valentine’s Vegetable Bouquets for Farmers
    • “Send Vegetable Bouquets this Valentine’s and Help Filipino Farmers”
      Community pantry initiator Ana Patricia “Patreng” Non innovated the concept of Valentine’s Day gifts by selling vegetable bouquets and supporting struggling Filipino farmers. Each bouquet, a mix of fresh vegetables, costs 1,500 pesos, with all proceeds going directly to the farmers. This initiative highlights a creative way to support local agriculture while celebrating Valentine’s Day.
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  4. May Parsons’s Foundation for Filipino Nurses
    • “From Giving the World’s First COVID-19 Vaccine to Empowering Filipino Nurses: May Parsons Launches Foundation to Transform UK and Philippines Healthcare”
      May Parsons, the Filipino-British nurse who administered the world’s first COVID-19 vaccine, launched a foundation to empower Filipino nurses. The May Parsons Foundation aims to improve the integration of Filipino-trained nurses into the UK healthcare system and support nurse education in the Philippines. It addresses systemic barriers, helping Filipino nurses in the UK to practice as registered professionals and providing funding for nurse training in the Philippines.
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  5. Young Ashnor Cadato’s Act of Integrity
    • “9-year-old Ashnor Cadato Returns Lost Envelope to Cancer Survivor Teacher”
      Nine-year-old Ashnor Abbas Cadato from Davao del Norte returned an envelope containing 2,000 pesos to his teacher, Oliva Alimes Pelias, a cancer survivor. Ashnor found the envelope, containing the teacher’s Service Recognition Incentive money, in a government office and immediately informed his mother. The integrity and honesty demonstrated by Ashnor and his mother, who helped return the money, earned praise from the teacher and netizens, highlighting the importance of honesty and values.
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  6. Teen’s Rescue of Stray Dog Ganers
    • “How an Ilonggo Teen’s Brave Rescue Transformed a Stray into an Award-Winning Asong Pinoy”
      In Iloilo City, 13-year-old Kent Miljhon Tumambing bravely rescued a stray puppy, Ganers, from a dangerous situation. Their bond led Ganers to win the Spotted Asong Pinoy Award at Iloilo City’s Run-for-Fun event, celebrating Animal Welfare Week. Kent’s act exemplifies compassion and care for animals, showcasing the profound connection between humans and their pets.
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  7. Rewarding Airport Security for Honesty
    • “Airport Security Personnel Rewarded for Honesty and Passenger Service”
      Four airport security personnel at Philippine airports were recognized for their integrity and exceptional service. They returned lost baggage containing cash, jewelry, and other valuable items to their rightful owners. The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines awarded these officers for exemplifying honesty and dedication in their service, reinforcing the culture of integrity within the agency.
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  8. Anne Curtis’s Marathon for Youth Abuse Survivors
    • “Anne Curtis Conquers Tokyo Marathon for Filipino Youth Abuse Survivors”
      Filipino celebrity Anne Curtis successfully completed the Tokyo Marathon to raise funds for Filipino youth abuse survivors. As a UNICEF Philippines National Goodwill Ambassador, she raised over 727,000 pesos through her “TAKBO PARA SA BATA” fundraiser. The funds are dedicated to creating “TeleCPUs,” one-stop centers offering comprehensive services for abused women and children. Curtis’s dedication to this cause showcases her commitment to supporting vulnerable communities in the Philippines.
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  9. Alden Richards’s Saving Our Seas Initiative
    • “Alden Richards Joins Saving Our Seas Initiative to Rid Oceans of Plastic”
      Filipino actor Alden Richards joined the “Saving Our Seas” initiative by Century Tuna, aiming to reduce plastic waste in oceans. The campaign, featuring beach clean-ups and the deployment of Aling Tindera waste bins, promotes the Plastic Circular Economy. Richards, along with other ambassadors, helps raise awareness about marine conservation and encourages public involvement in combating plastic pollution.
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  10. UP Fighting Maroons Visit UP-PGH Kids
    • “UP Fighting Maroons’ Inspiring Visit to UP-PGH Kids: A Celebration of Community Spirit”
      The University of the Philippines (UP) Fighting Maroons Men’s Basketball Team visited the pediatric ward of the UP-Philippine General Hospital (UP-PGH) to spread cheer among young patients. Led by team captain CJ Cansino and veteran Gerry Abadiano, they distributed toys and brought joy to the children. This visit, symbolizing the team’s community spirit and volunteerism, was part of their commitment to give back to the community and show solidarity with those facing health challenges.
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These Top 10 stories from 2023 illuminate the kindness, compassion, and spirit of the Filipino community, reinforcing the value of good deeds in our society.

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