Philippines’ 1st triumphal arch Arco de Emperador celebrates self-made successful Filipinos

PHOTO CREDIT: Megaworld Facebook Page

Megaworld’s neoclassical “Arco de Emperador” unveiled in ArcoVia City in Pasig City is the country’s first triumphal arch that gives tribute to the hardworking and self-made Filipino success stories.

The monument which is inspired by Europe’s historical landmarks such as Arco de la Victoria in Madrid, Bradenburg Gate in Berlin, Arc de Triomphe in Paris, now stands as an iconic attraction along C-5 Road.

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Alliance Global Group Inc. founder Dr. Andrew Tan tapped the award-winning Spanish sculptor Gines Serran-Pagan in creating the 19-meter tall arch masterpiece “Emperador” revealed in February.

While triumphal arches in Europe are dedicated to heroes and commemorate war victories, Tan’s concept of arch for the Philippines – inspired after the features of Trajan in Rome – depicts the Emperador as the ordinary Filipino.

Award-winning Spanish sculptor Serran-Pagan, who is also credited for the art centerpiece of Megaworld’s contemporary museum in Iloilo, created the monument of the Emperador with 9 massive sculptures:

  1. The victorious emperor in bronze has the facial feature of a Filipino hero
  2. he stands on a chariot
  3. being pulled by three horses
  4. two bronze lions named Pride and Passion serve as the emperor’s protectors
  5. two trumpeting angels in 24-karat gold symbolize the spiritual nature of the Filipino

“We have created this as a tourism landmark for Metro Manila that brings out the message of how hardwork, passion and perseverance can create a self-made successful man. This is how an Emperor is made,” reveals Kevin L. Tan, EVP and chief strategy officer of Megaworld in their media release.



“Our vision for ArcoVia City is to ignite the passion of the young generation to commit themselves to work hard, nurture their passions, and succeed in whatever path they want to pursue. This thrust will be brought to life through the installations and attractions that will inspire people to cultivate passions and celebrate their milestones,” added Tan.

Arco de Emperador now embodies the idea of ‘self-made success’ – emperor gains power the moment he wins a war, unlike the kings who just inherit the throne. Through passion, dedication and hardwork, every Filipino can truly be an “Emperador.”

Let us know in the comments below your own self-made Pinoy success stories!

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