Pixar’s Ronnie Del Carmen works with Netflix on Philippine mythology animation

Pixar Netflix Ronnie Del Carmen
Pixar animator Ronnie Del Carmen has inked a deal with Netflix and is currently writing, directing, and developing a new animated feature about the Philippines, his home country. Disney Pixar photo release.

Pixar animator Ronnie Del Carmen is now working with Netflix to create his own animated feature rooted in Philippine lore and mythology.

Cartoon Brew recently broke the news that the Cavite-born Del Carmen has inked a deal with Netflix. He will direct his original new feature as well as consult on other animated projects for the streaming giant.

The Golden Globes award-winning and Oscars-nominated co-director of the hit Pixar movie “Inside Out” has shared that he feels confident of his move to Netflix.

“At Netflix I’m inspired by all the creators and storytellers who come from all over the globe, telling tales that are windows into their own worlds which I’m so thrilled to discover,” Ronnie Del Carmen said.

“I’m hopeful about seeing how all these stories will help fuel change and bring us all a little closer to understanding each other. That’s my next threshold. I’m where I need to be,” the Pixnoy (Pixar Pinoy) shared.

The Pixar veteran got his start in filmmaking as a painter on the set of Francis Ford Coppola’s “Apocalypse Now”, which was shooting in the Philippines.

Del Carmen has worked as a storyboard artist, story supervisor, character designer, and illustrator for film productions of DreamWorks and Warner Bros. including “Freakazoid!”, “Batman: The Animated Series”, “Prince of Egypt”, “Road to El Dorado” and “Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas”.

The Filipino animator is also known for working on “Up”, “WALL-E”, and “Finding Nemo”, among other popular animated films.

Del Carmen has led a Rebelde filmmaking workshop for Filipinos.

Fellow Filipino-American Disney-Pixar animation artist Bobby Rubio wrote and directed the studio’s Sparkshorts film “Float” featuring the first all-Filipino lead CGI characters.

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