Riz Cabrera’s hyperrealism paintings auction helps Filipino children with cleft

Riz Cabrera
“Join us and change the world one smile at a time. Support SMILE2020 and Smile Train organization.”- Riz Cabrera. Photos from Riz.

Baguio-based visual artist Riz Cabrera is auctioning online her hyperrealism paintings using watercolor to assist Smile Train Philippines in helping Filipino children born with cleft lips and palates.

The art fundraiser titled “Smile 2020,” was launched by Cabrera on December 3, 2020, with the aim of providing free surgeries and care to Filipino babies and contribute to Smile Train’s campaign of “changing the world one smile at a time.”

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The Baguio artist, known for her photorealism portraits and paintings of nature, is also skilled in using charcoal with which she drew beautifully the portraits of Smile Train’s ambassador – Catriona Gray and Smile Train goodwill ambassador Marian Rivera along with the patients to honor their noble advocacies.

Riz Cabrera
(Left to Right) Charcoal portrait of Catriona Gray, painter Riz Cabrera, charcoal portrait of Marian Rivera – all with Smile Train patients.

“When I came across the Smile Train website, I was deeply moved by their advocacy. While I initially wanted to just be a channel of blessings for the patients, my goal was to raise awareness for this generation, specifically to those dealing with mental health issues just like myself,” shared Cabrera.

The world’s leading cleft charity organization thanked Riz for joining the pursuit of helping bring smiles to cleft-born children and said:

“We are grateful for the work Riz has done and continues to do for the benefit of Smile Train and we look forward to this generation to join our cause and act on behalf of children born with a cleft lip and/palate.”

The talented visual artist has been commissioned by clients around the world since 2018. Having experienced personal struggles of her own, she uses art to focus on helping others.

“Although we all have our own personal problems and trials, if we would just look beyond ourselves, we can still be a message of hope to somebody. I believe that focusing on helping other people is therapy itself and partnering with Smile Train rekindles hope within me,” added the Baguio artist.

The sales of Smile 2020’s paintings, as well as donations, will 100% go to the Smile Train’s cause.

You can visit Riz Cabrera’s online art auction here. It will run until December 24, 2020: https://www.32auctions.com/smile2020

Various Filipino artists have been using their skills in spreading awareness and helping others like Robert Alejandro who draws kiddie digital caricatures to help Rolly-stricken Bicol and a group of Filipino artists who have offered free digital portraits in exchange for Ulysses relief efforts.

SEND CHEERS in the comments below to Baguio-based artist Riz Cabrera for using her art to help Smile Train’s cause in helping children born with cleft lips and palates.

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