Rules! Rules! Rules!

Chinkee Tan
Chinkee Tan

Are you annoyed at people who don’t know how to follow simple rules?

…cutting in line

…beating the red light

…throwing their trash anywhere.

One of the things we find difficult to follow is the rule of law.

Sometimes we see these RULES not as something to be strictly followed, but as SUGGESTIONS or OPTIONS. When in fact, these rules exist to bring about unity and discipline to a community. Just as when you follow these rules, you won’t likely get into fights and squabbles.

We know we should be following them, but why does it seem like it takes so much effort for some to do so?


‘Why should I follow the rules when the ones who are expected to follow it or even those who actually make them don’t even do it!”

Examples could be when we see people in public transports suddenly spitting out the window or throwing their candy wrapper out the window; or motorists without helmets; or idling in the workplace when it is time to work and you are even embarrassed to call him out from playing Clash of Clans or Solitaire.

It can be frustrating especially if the one who is on the forefront of breaking the rules is the person in authority.

They feel like they are an EXEMPTION to the rule. Well, we just need to accept that the rule applies to ALL.

But this is my call to TEAM POSITIVE that follows my blog: even if they don’t want to follow the rules, WE WILL FOLLOW. WE WILL ABIDE. We will be the catalysts of change.

“But Chinkee, I’d be on the losing end if I’m the only one who follows!”

You know what, if we do not abide by the RULES and POLICIES, then how are we different

from them? What will happen to our country if no one STARTS THE CHANGE?

Another reason why people have become passive and callous is because…


It is said that the kind of justice we have in our country is selective justice; that the law is only for the poor and non-influential. Let’s say that not everyone gets punished for their crimes, however this should not be the only basis for not abiding by the rules.

Don’t wait until someone will actually get punished or will suffer the consequences before we will begin to follow the rules. Punishment or not, whether if someone see us or not, we should be afraid of our own conscience if we continue to do what is wrong.


If others don’t want to line up properly, just do your part and line up without complaining or hurling indirect insults at them.

If others don’t want to follow traffic rules and keep on cutting you off, let them just cut in. Don’t do what they do, and don’t start a fight.

If others don’t throw their trash properly, set an example by reminding them what to do but in a nice way.

We should be different! Don’t be like those who don’t know how to be law-abiding citizens.

Don’t be swayed by the wrong and corrupted nature of those that may surround you.

I call on the TEAM POSITIVE, if we want change to happen then we don’t need to wait for


Because a great country is composed of positive & disciplined individuals who are willing to step up and make a change.


How can I be a better example to those who do not follow the rules?

What can I contribute to bring about change to this country?

If you want to see our country change, the change must start with us.

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