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Samar, Leyte improve waste management with plastics for food barter

Samar Leyte waste management food barter
Plastic bottles filled with shredded plastic waste are exchanged for rice and canned goods in Tarangnan, Samar. Photos from Mayor Arnel Tan.

Samar and Leyte are improving their waste management with programs that allow residents to collect plastic wastes and barter them in exchange for rice and other food products.

In Tarangnan town, Samar province, residents will receive two kilograms of rice and several canned goods for every kilo of shredded plastic waste inside a 1.5-liter plastic bottle.

Students are also urged to participate in the program which collects solid waste from villagers in a bid to reduce plastic pollution in the area

“Each plastic waste inside a 1.5-liter bottle is equivalent to school supplies,” Mayor Arnel Tan said.

The town of Carigara in Leyte meanwhile announced on its Facebook page that Project Barter will begin this February, a green initiative encouraging residents to trade in a bag of plastic trash for one kilo of rice and canned goods.

The municipality of Carigara says a kilogram of garbage such as plastic bags and cups, milk tea cups, sachets of shampoo, coffee, milk, vinegar, soy sauce, and snack and candy wrappers, disposable spoon and fork can be exchanged with a kilogram of rice and a can of sardines.

Programs to bolster the zero-waste initiative have been started by local groups amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

A quarantine facility, partly made of eco-bricks and upcycled plastic bottles, is being built by the town’s folk of Saint Bernard in Southern Leyte while Cebu’s Plastic Barter Store started trading food and goods for recyclable trash.

SEND CHEERS in the comments below to the people of Tarangnan, Samar, and Carigara, Leyte for improving waste management with their plastics for food barter programs.

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