State-of-the-art floating solar farm to help Tawi-Tawi fishing community

Tawi tawi solar farm
Sibutu Island in Tawi-Tawi will soon have its multi-function floating solar farm similar to that of Isabela’s Magat Dam. Credits to SN Aboitiz Power via Agriculture Secretary Manny Pinol Facebook.

Tawi-Tawi’s fishing island of Sibutu has been chosen as the first fishing community in the country to own a multi-function floating solar farm.

Sibutu Island in Tawi-Tawi was identified to be the site of the floating solar farm during a meeting between the executives of Aboitiz Power, Regional Directors of Department of Agriculture (DA), and the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) held at DA central office on July 8.

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Aboitiz Power and its Norwegian partner company, SN Power, introduced the floating solar farm in the Philippines and have already established its first prototype in Magat Dam, Isabela worth P24 million with 720 solar panels that generate 200MW.

DA Secretary Emmanuel Piñol shared on social media that the new technology for Sibutu Island is expected to improve the productivity of the fisheries sector.

The P20-million project aims to help the fishing community in Tawi-Tawi to:

1. generate power for ice-making production and run cold storage equipment and facilities

2. provide light to the community through rechargeable batteries

3. serve as raft or “payao” to gather small fish species that would attract big and high-value fish species such as tuna

4. function as a fish cage in coves or near the coastlines

The Tawi-Tawi floating solar farm is expected to be completed in 4 months and will be funded by DA-BFAR.

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