Success is a Slow Process

Chinkee Tan
Chinkee Tan

When you feel hungry, what do you eat?

“Instant noodles.”

When you need to research about something, where do you go to? “Google, of course.”

When you need to relay a message to someone, how do you contact him or her?

“Text or messenger.”

What about if you are not satisfied with your current work or course track, what do you do?

“Transfer or Shift. There are many other options out there.”

Wait, what? Do you mean to say that you make instant decisions even with regards to your education and career, things that are important for your future? Are you telling me that you don’t wait in this area as well?

“Well, I’ve been waiting for so long for a promotion.”

“It doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere.”

“Why wait, when I can choose?”

The problem with our times is that we are so exposed to the fast-paced way of life where everything is acquired in an instant. It is not any different with our dream to be successful, that we are willing to sacrifice anything just to get it as quick as possible. The focus is shifting to the result, not the process.

Did you know that there’s no such thing as an easy way up? In fact, success only happens when a person understands the whole journey towards his or her goal. It is through this journey that we discover what are the things we need to change, to develop, focus our attention on, at to avoid the next time

What should we remember when it comes to SUCCESS?


Why are you in a hurry? What are you after that it’s making you become so impatient?

Remember that everything in life has a price. This means that before you can attain what you desire in life, you need to invest time, effort, at emotions because these are the things that will usher in life lessons that will move you toward success.

Don’t skip this important step that will lead you up. Enjoy and appreciate the journey.


When you want to do something, then start doing it and don’t stop even if you come across challenges. Like what I said, you’ll be needing these things in your journey. They will make you better at your craft every step of the way.

Take my experience, for example. Before I even got to where I am now, I persisted in my dreams despite the barriers that hindered me. The moment I felt that I want to become an instrument to people and to inspire others, I didn’t stop but instead I used those hindrances to my advantage and rose above the challenges.

That’s how it is in life, if you love what you do then nothing can or will stop you – that’s persistence and perseverance.


Our usual thinking is,

“I will be successful when I get that promotion.”

“I will be successful when I have one million pesos.”

“I will be successful when I finish this project.”

No, you do not put a period to the word SUCCESS. Aside from the lessons you can learn along the way and the challenges that you will overcome, it is also important to know that success should never end. It should be a continuous process for as long as we live. Never stop learning!


“I used to be a manager in our company.”

“I used to be rich.”

“I used to be able to do that.”

You keep on going back to the past, but have you asked yourself what and where you are now?

And what have you done to improve yourself?

The problem is that you may be too focused on what you have achieved in the past that you have forgotten that you have a present and a future to work on. It’s nice to celebrate what you have achieved so far, but isn’t it better to add more learning and experiences to this so that you can finally reach your next goal and target?


What is your definition of success?

What are the things that you have already achieved?

What are the things that you have learned so far?


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