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Chinkee Tan: How to be “The One”

To avoid being trapped in a toxic and unsuccessful romantic relationship, I will share with you some of the important lessons I have learned during my single years as I was waiting for God’s best who is now my beautiful wife.

Grow Your Investment by Growing Your Patience

Have you ever asked yourself... “When will I most likely get the return of my investment?” “Why is it taking so long to earn profit?” Are you starting to feel frustrated because you are not seeing any...
Chinkee Tan

Endure, Persevere, And Wait Patiently

One of the common tests that all of us experience in life is the test of patience. There are many instances in life wherein we are called to be patient:
Chinkee Tan

Do Not Wait For Success

Are you still waiting for your big break? Are you growing weary of waiting for success to come your way? Have you done everything that you can to meet your goal to become successful?
Chinkee Tan

Success is a Slow Process

When you feel hungry, what do you eat? “Instant noodles.” When you need to research about something, where do you go to? “Google, of course.”
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