Endure, Persevere, And Wait Patiently

Chinkee Tan
Chinkee Tan

One of the common tests that all of us experience in life is the test of patience.

There are many instances in life wherein we are called to be patient:

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We need to wait patiently for the right person and the right time to marry…

We need to endure patiently to be able to make ends meet for the family…

We need to persevere patiently to achieve the promotion we’ve been eyeing…

We need to wait patiently in line to be able to file requirements…

We need to endure patiently to find a job…

We need to persevere patiently to be able to buy that house and lot we’ve been dreaming of…  

We need to learn how to endure, persevere, and wait patiently. If we don’t, it will be like eating a fruit even before it is ripe.

If we refuse to wait and instead insist for something to happen before its appointed time, it may only cause problems in our lives like…


A lot of the youth these days start to have families of their own even before they are ready.

Instead of simply focusing on their studies, what they become concerned with is what to feed their family.

Another situation that you may find yourself in if you don’t know how to be patient is…


For example, imagine someone who is always given everything and anything that he or she asks for. Naturally, this person will not be used to facing challenges in life. Maybe as a result, this person will find it so hard to find a job – every time that he or she is rejected, he or she already wants to give up.

Or what about you, whenever you see long lines, do you keep on putting off running your errands or filing your requirements and documents? Instead of you fighting, pressing on, and just doing it, you would continue to put it off, until days and weeks and months have already passed.

Imagine, that was just a simple long line, and already you gave up and surrendered. How do you think will you fare when you are faced with bigger, more difficult challenges?  


There is a Filipino saying that goes, “Kapag may tiyaga, may nilaga,” which simply means that there are rewards to those who wait patiently.

How will you achieve your rewards if you don’t do your part to wait patiently?  

How will you have your own home if you’re not persevering patiently with your work? How will you be promoted in your work if you are allowing yourself to slack off and not persevere?  

These are some negative results that can happen if we don’t learn how to endure, persevere, and wait patiently. And I want to encourage you, if you are starting to get tired of waiting, just chill, and remember this quote: “GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT.”

I really believe in that. If I didn’t learn how to wait, I wouldn’t have been able to marry my lovely wife, Nove-Ann. If I didn’t learn how to persevere, I would have easily given up on life. If I didn’t learn how to endure, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve my dreams.

And this is why if you are experiencing tests of patience, just chill. It’s just an opportunity for you to learn how to endure, persevere, and wait patiently.


What are your experiences that have tested your patience?

How did you or how do you usually face these kinds of testings?

What have you learned in facing these testings?

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