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Quincentennial theme song “Bagani” composer, arranger with Rene Molina on Netkapihan NZ

Watch composer Roel Rostata and producer/arranger Jungee Marcelo chat about their work on the Quincentennial Theme Song "Bagani" with Direk Rene Molina on Netkapihan New Zealand.

LISTEN: Quincentennial theme song ‘Bagani’ honors Filipino heroism and bravery

The new song "Bagani", the official theme of the Philippine Quincentennial celebrations in 2021, depicts Filipino heroism and bravery. 'Bagani', composed by Roel Rostata and performed by Anthony Castillo with his award-winning a capella group...

Maine Mendoza leads 10 Pinoy Twitter records for 2018

Twitter Philippines released its year-end list of achievements by Filipino twitter users. In its 2018 Yearender list, Twitter declared 9 Pinoy list toppers, including the most used hashtags, favorite Filipino celebrity, teleserye, movie, loveteam, most...
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