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WATCH: Philippines’ Young Picasso Worth Lodriga on art, school, & life balance

Let's watch the Young Picasso of the Philippines, Worth Lodriga, talk about his passion for art and inspiring kids around the world as he takes on a new role of being the first-ever Asian ambassador of Cartoon Network in this exclusive interview on the Good News Pilipinas! TV YouTube channel.

Young Picasso Worth Lodriga is 1st Asian ambassador of Cartoon Network

Young Picasso of the Philippines Worth Lodriga is taking on another persona as the first-ever Asian ambassador of Cartoon Network and is set to inspire more kids around the world to make a difference through art.

WATCH: Visayan Lola, Filipino food & traditions featured in Cartoon Network’s Craig of the...

Filipino traditions and culture, as well as the Visayan language of the Philippines, have been featured in a new episode of the Cartoon Network show Craig of the Creek.

5 Reasons Why You Should #PlayItRight

When it comes to movie-watching, many Filipinos prefer to illegally download or stream online rather than watch from legitimate sources like cinemas and recognized streaming platforms. It may be free, but what they don’t...
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