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500 million bonanza of travel, housing, auto, and lifestyle in BPI’s Big Blowout

The country's first bank, the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), celebrated its 168th anniversary this year by booking over Php500 million worth of travel, housing, auto, and lifestyle assistance to consumers. The promo deals...

SALE: Travel Getaways Discounts on millions of airline seats this September

Looking for discounts to travel getaways this holiday season? Check out the combined over 4 million seats on Cebu Pacific Air and Philippine Airlines on sale this September. Cebu Pacific Air's ongoing Super Seat Fest...

11 Hot Discounts and Sales in Metro Manila this September

Finding discounts and sales are key to wise spending as the season of gift-giving approaches. If you have a budget it would be better to buy items now in anticipation of rising prices as the demand increases around Christmas season.

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