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SALE: Travel Getaways Discounts on millions of airline seats this September

September travel seat sale
Over 4 million seats are up for grabs for air travelers on Cebu Pacific Air and Philippine Airlines. Photo of Philippine Travel Mart credits to Department of Tourism.

Looking for discounts to travel getaways this holiday season? Check out the combined over 4 million seats on Cebu Pacific Air and Philippine Airlines on sale this September.

Cebu Pacific Air’s ongoing Super Seat Fest will run until September 15, with a special sale scheduled on September 9. Cebu Pacific Air, one of the World’s Top 13 Airlines with the Best-Looking Crew, is offering over one million seats to popular domestic and international destinations on sale at discounted fare rates. Bundled packages with flight-bun-deals offer as much as 30% off on prepaid baggage fees and inflight meals.

The local airline that initiated the Juan Effect Siargao sustainable travel movement will hold a 9.9 SPECIAL SALE on September 9 with details to be posted at 8:45 pm on Sunday, September 8 on the official Cebu Pacific Air FB, IG, and Twitter accounts.

Cebu Pacific Air holds a special sale on September 9. Credits to Cebu Pacific Air.Philippine Airlines’ Ultimate Seat Sale has been extended until September 15 with deals on over 3 million seats for travels up to June 30, 2020.

The World’s Most Improved Airline and one of the World’s Top 50 Carriers offered the seat sales beginning September 1.

Go to Philippine Airlines for the full details of their seat sale.

Philippine Airlines offers over 3 million seats on sale until September 15.Credits to PAL.

Do you need more travel tips? Here are some from Cebu Pacific Air:

1. Plan, plan and plan!

Seats on sale get booked fast so always have alternative destinations and travel dates ready. Read on the details of any seat sale—including destinations covered and travel period to have a Plan A, B, and even Plan C.

Research shows that planning and booking for trips at least six months prior to the departure date have a higher probability of getting deeply discounted seats and travel deals. Check the calendar not just for the rest of 2019, but even for next year to determine those travel dates. Make those travel decisions even before the seat sales open.

2. Need for speed

Each visitor in the Cebu Pacific website is allotted limited time to book per session to give way to others. Hence, the faster a transaction is completed, the higher the chance of scoring seats on sale.

It’s best to get all the details down. List down the preferred destination, travel dates and flight schedule to make sure the booking is correct.

Personal details—including complete name, date of birth, contact information, as well as passport number and expiry date—should be on-hand before the sale begins to make it faster to complete the booking.

Make sure to also have the mode of payment and details on-hand. For credit card or debit card payments, required details include card number, full name of the cardholder, the security code (or the CVV number), expiry date and billing address.

And more importantly, make sure to clear the cache data and browsing history of the device to be used to log into the Cebu Pacific website to ensure stability in page loading and completing the transaction. A fast, reliable internet connection is also a plus.

3. Gather intel

Like or follow the official accounts of Cebu Pacific Air on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get updated information on their seat sales before heading to cebupacificair.com to book your seats and score those travel deals.

SEND cheers in the comments below to lucky travelers catching the Cebu Pacific Air and Philippine Airlines seat sale!

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