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From Sketch to Screen: How Filipino Animator Ronnie del Carmen Transitioned to a Voice...

As a powerhouse of animation, Disney and Pixar have long been lauded for stories that create a bridge between imagination and reality. In their latest film, "Elemental," the storytelling dynamo introduces a new layer to their already rich tapestry of talent by showcasing a beloved animator in an entirely new role. Enter, Ronnie del Carmen, an award-winning Filipino director who debuted as a major voice actor in this poignant tale.

Pixar animator Ronnie del Carmen gives Rebelde filmmaking workshop

Pixar animator Ronnie del Carmen is giving a Rebelde filmmaking workshop this October.

Filipino animator Bobby Rubio illustrates Marvel Comics cover

Pinoy at Pixar (Pixnoy) Bobby Rubio is continuously expanding his works and has announced on social media his latest Marvel comics cover. Rubio, who has created the first Pixar short film with all Filipino characters,...

Pixar’s Pinoy animator writes, directs first all-Filipino characters in short film Float

Pixar animator Bobby Rubio has confirmed he is writing and directing the first all-CGI Filipino characters for the new short film, Float. Rubio confirmed in a social media tweet that the new Disney-Pixar trailer for...

Wreck It Ralph 2’s head of story Josie Trinidad is an animator and voice...

Josie Trinidad, the head of story for Disney’s sequel, “Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck It Ralph 2” is a Filipino animator who also does voice acting for at Disney.
Ronald del Carmen

Pixnoy wins Golden Globe, gets Oscar nod

Filipino animator Ronnie Del Carmen’s work on the Pixar movie hit Inside Out won for him the 73rd Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Film.
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