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The Truth About Generic Medicines: Debunking Common Myths and Misconceptions

In a world where branded medicines are often perceived as superior, it's time to shed light on the truth behind the misconceptions surrounding generic medicines.

Jollibee opens 1st store in Glasgow, Scotland’s biggest city

Jollibee has opened its first store in Glasgow, Scotland’s biggest city, drawing long lines of customers formed as early as 6:45 am.

Bamboo bicycle brand Bambike’s sustainable mobility, tourism targets get FedEx boost

Filipino bamboo bicycle brand Bambike's sustainable mobility and tourism targets across the Philippines and the world is getting a boost from its partnership with FedEx.

Filipino brand keeps top spot as World’s Number 1 Rum

Filipino rum brand, Tanduay, successfully maintained its stature as the world's rum industry leader in the latest report of Drinks International. Global spirits market think-tank Drinks International released in June its Ranking of the World’s...
winning team of Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream

Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream wins UK’s Best Chopsticks Award

London's first Filipino ice cream parlor, Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream, won the Best Sweet Treat Award from The Golden Chopsticks Awards (GCA) in London. The iconic Pinoy dirty ice cream being enjoyed by Londoners in...

16 hot-trending Filipino food stops in New York

Filipino food is steadily earning a reputation for being a world brand and people have been seeking places where authentic Filipino dishes are served.
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