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Honest airport security returns 1.4M cash, valuables

Filipino aviation security guard Albert Bautista has been praised for his honesty after finding and returning a passenger’s lost personal belongings and cash worth 1.4 million pesos.

9-year-old Ashnor Cadato returns lost envelope to cancer survivor teacher

An honest nine-year-old boy is earning praise from netizens after returning a lost envelope containing cash to a cancer survivor teacher from Pandulian Elementary School in Davao del Norte.

Cavite tahong vendor Marlon Tanael returns found bag with P15 million

Cavite tahong vendor Marlon Tanael exercised an act of integrity and returned a bag he found containing a manager's cheque for Php15 million.
Grab Taxi NAIA

Pinoy Grab taxi driver, NAIA police receive thanks for returning tourist’s lost bag

Filipino customer service from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) and Grab taxi earned praises from an international passenger who lost his Chanel bag in transit. NAIA reported on July 21 about receiving thanks from...
Chinkee Tan

Consequences of Dishonesty

Have you seen the movie Pinocchio? He was the little boy who was made of wood, whose nose grew longer every time he told a lie.
Chinkee Tan

I’m Okay!

Is this your usual answer whenever someone asks how you are? Even though you don’t feel good, you still say, “I’m okay.”
Porferio Lavado Jr.

Honest NAIA porter shares reward money to workers

A pushcart retriever at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) shared his cash reward worth P10,000 to fellow workers
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