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Be Faithful Over A Little

Throughout life, God will bless you with an infinite amount of resources. You will be blessed with only so much money, time, assets and talents. With each blessing God has given you, He expects...

5 Money Management Tips for Married Couples

I thought about a lot of marriage breaking up and it seems that annulments have been increasing in the Philippines and has actually been more socially accepted. So why do marriages end? How can...

How to Spot Good Real Estate Deals

Every great investment starts with a great deal. Investors looking to start their real estate portfolio or even a bachelor planning to buy his first condominium unit must learn how to spot a great...

5 Tips How to Use Your Money Wisely

Are you experiencing financial stress lately?Good news! Why is it good news?You’re not alone. It’s okay to admit that there are still times you struggle with how to use your money wisely.Here are a...

3 Learning Habits of Successful People

Have you ever tried doing a new business or switching to a new career?You are interested in putting your money into something that has the potential of increasing your income and making your future...

Focus is a Crucial Key to Success

Are you easily distracted? Are you the type who sets goals but never really meet them?Well, if you are, you are not alone. This is a personal observation over the years, people get easily distracted. Have you...

Be the Boss of Your Emotions

Discouragement. Frustration. Hopelessness. Regret.These are just some of the toxic emotions that many entrepreneurs encounter in the course of growing their business.“I don’t think I can do this anymore.”Read Related Story: Grow Your Investment by Growing Your...

Grow Your Investment by Growing Your Patience

Have you ever asked yourself...“When will I most likely get the return of my investment?”“Why is it taking so long to earn profit?”Are you starting to feel frustrated because you are not seeing any...

Do You Know of Any Angry Birds?

Do you know someone who is always mad? You talk to them and their face always has a big frown.

5 Things You Should Never Do When You Have Money

Money isn't everything but it sure means something. Having money simply means that you can afford to buy what others can’t.
Chinky Tan

Money Can Be A Peace Stealer

Are you a worrier?Do you worry about money?About your family and future?If you do, you’re not alone. I also used to worry a lot.I can still remember when I didn’t have enough money to...
Chinky Tan

Never Punish Yourself for Your Mistakes

Have you done something you deeply regret? Bought something in a sale but never use it at all? Went into a business deal and lost money instead of making money.

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