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LISTEN: Sounds of EDSA People Power Revolution

Listen to the sounds of the EDSA People Power Revolution of February 22-25, 1986, as the award-winning PumaPodcast network releases two productions capturing the soundbites as well as the aspirations of the "bloodless revolution" that made Filipino pride soar 36 years ago as the world heaped praises on the legacy and model for people living under repressive and dictatorial regimes.

LISTEN: “We Sing” International Women’s Day ILO song features Filipina Bayang Barrios

Listening to the "We Sing" International Women's Day song pumps up our Filipina pride as we realize it features Filipina singer-songwriter and Indigenous People advocate, Bayang Barrios.

LISTEN: University of the Philippines Radio DZUP on World College Radio Day

The University of the Philippines' DZUP Radio Station is representing the country as a showcase campus radio's fearless programming on World College Radio Day (WCRD) this Friday.

What to give a Woman on Valentine’s (Listen to these Filipino celebs)

Gentlemen, what if we tell you that we have gathered surefire tips on what women really want for Valentine’s? We asked some ladies what their ideal Valentine date or gift is! Read this short article...
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