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Disney looking to cast Filipino Lola for new film

Walt Disney Studios is looking to cast a "Lola" (Filipino grandmother) for an upcoming feature film.

Blue’s Clues & You showcases host Josh’s Pinoy roots with Lola

Nickelodeon's Blue's Clues & You welcomes a new Filipino character - "Lola" - the grandma of host Josh Dela Cuz who is bringing Pinoy culture and traditions to the show.

Marcelito Pomoy builds new home for poor grandma in Quezon shanty

Marcelito Pomoy has built a new home for Nanay Aurora, a poor grandma he found living alone in a makeshift house as he was distributing relief goods in Quezon province.

WATCH: Tiktok app has this Lola joining the online lip-sync trend

Lola Melvie Telmo is showing how grandparents can join and enjoy the techy world of young people via the Tiktok mobile app.
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