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Remembering Heroes and Survivors: How ‘Ang Bantayog’ Digital Monument Marks 51 Years Since Martial...

“In between waking, remembering, and action, can we 'never forget' online?” web designer Chia Amisola posits in a Facebook post.

Preserving History, Resisting Forgetfulness: ‘Serve’ Sheds Light on Student Journalism During Philippine Martial Law...

“So, why this book?” veteran journalist Jo-Ann Q. Maglipon said at the launch of the anthology, Serve. “To fight fantasy, forgetting, flagellation. To stop the gaslighting of activists of yesteryears for the resurrection of a dictator’s family. To rebuke the exhortation of harmony and unity, false and deceitful. To demand apology, atonement, redress. And yes, to remind the powers—we are here, we remember everything, and we write.”

LIST: Films Showcasing Stories of Filipinos’ Democratic Aspirations

Here's a list of scheduled screenings of films showcasing the stories of Filipinos' democratic aspirations during the time of Martial Law and the People Power event that topped the dictatorship in February 1986.

LIST: Martial Law 50th Anniversary Virtual Events

Here is a list of virtual events observing the 50th anniversary of the signing of Presidential Proclamation 1081 declaring Martial Law on September 21, 1972, a period documented as the darkest time of Philippine history which suppressed Filipinos' freedom of speech, assembly, and many other human rights.

Two generations meet online 50 years after martial law declaration in Philippines

Two generations of Filipinos who lived through the martial law years in the Philippines share their experience before, during, and after the declaration of military rule 50 years ago, in an online Facebook live stream of the New Zealand-based PSTV5+ Channel.

University of the Philippines offers courses on Film History and Martial Law

The University of the Philippines Film Institute (UPFI) is offering four courses on Martial Law and Cinema for all UP Diliman students.

Mike de Leon’s 1st feature film “Itim” made during Martial Law screens at Cannes

Filipino veteran director Mike de Leon shared a powerful statement about being a young filmmaker during the Martial Law years in the Philippines as his first feature film, Itim, was screened at the 75th Cannes Film Festival in France.

READING LIST: Ateneo recommends 16 books on Martial Law in the Philippines

The Ateneo de Manila University has recommended 16 books on Martial Law in the Philippines under the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos to educate more Filipino readers on the dark chapter in Philippine history.

WHERE TO WATCH: Philippine History Films & Docus Streaming Online for Free

Here's where to watch documentaries and films on Philippine history being screened for free and accessible online to Filipinos who want to learn from what our forebears have gone through in our journey towards establishing a democratic society.

WATCH: Martial Law stories of Lasallians Pepe Diokno, Tanny Tañada, Bishop Felix Perez

Stories of the Martial Law years from Lasallian-educated Filipino leaders Jose “Ka Pepe” Diokno, Lorenzo “Ka Tanny” Tañada, and Bishop Felix Paz Perez were live-streamed by the De La Salle Philippines (DLSP) community during the United Nations International Day of Peace and the 49th Anniversary of Martial Law in the Philippines.

HAPPENING: Jingle Chordbook Magazine documentary free viewing online

NOW HAPPENING: The iconic Jingle Chordbook Magazine's documentary is having a free viewing online until Friday night.
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