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Chinkee Tan

War Freak

Do you know of anyone who is a war freak? They love to enter into fights and quarrels with people! And they are always angry! It’s so hard to talk to them. They react so quickly.
Chinkee Tan

What You Need To Do If You Are Going Through Something

It’s so hard to think, strategize, and move on in your life  if you are going through something. Do you feel like you’re carrying a load that is too heavy for you, making it hard for you to breathe?
Chinkee Tan

Confessions of a Negative Person

What if I go bankrupt? What if I fail? What if nothing happens? Why do I always think of the negative? Why is it so hard to think about the positive? Are you tired of negative people?
Chinkee Tan

Why Are There Negative People in the World?

Can you somehow relate to these statements? We often hear these from people who somehow become happy when they are able to put down others
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