War Freak

Chinkee Tan
Chinkee Tan

Do you know of anyone who is a war freak?

They love to enter into fights and quarrels with people!

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And they are always angry!

It’s so hard to talk to them.

They react so quickly.

Their eyes would immediately glare.

Their voice is so big and loud it sounds like a huge avalanche from Mt. Everest.

Smoke is coming out of their ears.

They are so quick to say hurtful words.

These kinds of people drain the energy out of you. If you could only use an eraser to erase these kinds of people in your life, you would do it. But in reality, of course, it’s not so easy to get rid of such people in our lives. Unfortunately, we will always and always encounter someone who is a “war freak”.

Well, maybe you’re saying, we can just avoid them. But what if these people are our parents? Or our siblings? Or our spouse?

In this case, even if we want to live quiet and peaceful lives, our patience and understanding will have to be tested. To have relatives who are war freaks is probably one of the most challenging things to deal with in life.

For us to be successful in living life with people who are war freaks, we need to understand that they have a…


We must understand that THEY WERE NOT BORN WAR FREAKS. The reason why they have become war freaks is because they have EXPERIENCED something in the past that has led them to be the war freak that they are today.

They are having a hard time RESOLVING these past issues, and this is why they are being burdened every single day, which manifests in anger.

And because of this, they have a…


It’s HUMAN NATURE to develop a negative mindset towards bad experiences and negative situations. This is why it’s so difficult to have a POSITIVE OUTLOOK, especially if our hearts and minds are so filled with negative things.

Let’s admit it, it’s really DIFFICULT to see the silver lining if dark clouds are covering your thinking.

This is why in the process, a war freak develops a…


Because they have such a HEAVY LOAD in their hearts, they are not able to carry it. And so, what they do is to drop the heavy load to anyone they encounter.

As the saying goes, hurting people hurt people. The pain, hurt, and negative emotions are all FLOWING right in their system. Because they are experiencing pain, they can’t help it but to also cause pain to other people.   

In reality, war freaks are helpless, whether they admit it or not. They will show you that they are strong, but the fact that they are war freaks is an indication that THEY ARE ASKING FOR HELP.

And if you want to be able to help a loved one who is a war freak, here are some tips that I have for you…


This is a big challenge, but this is really what we need, and what our loved ones need.

INFLUENCE them to have a positive environment. Be that positive influence in their lives.

Don’t ever add fuel to the flame by adding to the negativity that they are experiencing.  

And you should also…


Whether or not we admit it, the reason why we’re so easily annoyed and angered is because we still have some unresolved issues in our hearts. We have certain people in our lives who we are not at peace with, or there are still situations that have hurt us that we still have not yet let go of and moved on from. We are still carrying the heaviness, bitterness, and anger up until now. This is why if we find ourselves in a similar situation, or we find something that reminds us about our past, our hearts remember the pain, and we respond in negativity and anger.  


Because it’s a huge challenge to be positive while mingling with people who are war freaks, it is only God who can help us to be able to live with these kinds of people and understand them. And this is why we should pray for them all the time.

And it’s true that only God has the ability to change a person. Let’s come to God and surrender these people to God, and trust that He will be able to change them. “WITH HIM, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.”


How will you mingle with people who are war freaks?

Have you prayed for these people?

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