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Washington DC 6th-graders craft Pinoy parols for Christmas activity

Sixth-graders from Washington DC Public School's (DCPS) Excel Academy took part in various activities about Philippine culture and tradition, including an interactive Pinoy parol lantern-making tutorial for the holidays.

Philippine Embassy in Spain teaches Filipino ancient form of writing Baybayin to expats

The Philippine Embassy in Spain is introducing the early Filipino script Baybayin to promote Pinoy heritage.

Claude Tayag triumphs in US Embassy Chef Challenge

Filipino chef Claude Tayag won the People’s Choice Award at the 8th annual Events DC Embassy Chef Challenge held in Washington, D.C.
Triple Fret

Triple Fret Filipina guitarists win Japan guitar fest

An all-female classical-contemporary guitar trio from the Philippines won first prize at the 27th Japan Guitar Ensemble Festival held in June.
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