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Guess What? 69 Countries Now Welcome Philippine Passport Holders with No Visa – Find...

The Philippines' passport holders are now eligible for visa-free travel to 69 countries. According to the latest Henley Passport Index released this January, the Philippines has risen to 73rd, offering Filipinos more travel freedom this year. With the 2024 holiday calendar already out, it's the perfect time for Filipinos to explore new horizons.

LIST: 66 Visa-Free Countries Philippine Passport Holders Can Visit

Here is the list of 66 countries that Philippine passport holders can visit Visa-free as released by the annual Henley Passport Index.
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Filipinos can now travel to Taiwan visa-free

The Republic of China Ministry of Foreign Affairs (ROC MOFA) is relaxing rules for Taiwan visitors from countries, including the Philippines
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61 countries where Pinoys can visit without a visa

Filipinos with Philippine passports traveling this vacation season can choose any of 61 countries which do not require visa, according to the Henley & Partners
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