Guess What? 69 Countries Now Welcome Philippine Passport Holders with No Visa – Find Out Which Ones Made the List!

Philippine Passport Holders No Visa
Philippine Passport Now Opens Doors to 69 Countries Visa-Free: Discover the Destinations.

The Philippines’ passport holders are now eligible for visa-free travel to 69 countries. According to the latest Henley Passport Index released this January, the Philippines has risen to 73rd, offering Filipinos more travel freedom this year. With the 2024 holiday calendar already out, it’s the perfect time for Filipinos to explore new horizons.

Reflecting on the historical journey, the Filipino passport which in 2018 was made valid for 10 years has seen a steady rise in the Henley Passport Index, climbing from 78th in 2023 to its current position. Interestingly, the pandemic years witnessed a noticeable improvement in the ranking. The Philippines’ peak performance was observed between 2007 and 2009, securing the 62nd spot for three successive years.

As of January 10, the Philippines shares its new-found standing with nations Cape Verde Island and Uganda. The Henley Passport Index, a prestigious ranking system, evaluates passports based on visa-free access to 199 passports and 227 travel destinations, utilizing exclusive and official data from the International Air Transport Authority (IATA).

The scoring methodology of the Index is straightforward yet comprehensive. It awards points for no-visa entries, visas on arrival, and electronic travel authorizations. These categories reflect the ease of travel and the strength of visa-waiver programs, as highlighted in the Henley and Partners report.

Globally, countries France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore, and Spain lead the Index with visa-free access to 194 destinations. In Southeast Asia, the Philippines ranks seventh, trailing behind Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Timor Leste, Thailand, and Indonesia.

The Henley & Partners Global Mobility Report which was released alongside the Passport Index delves into the correlation between visa-free access and economic progress. In this regard, the Philippines holds the 113th position in the separate Henley’s rankings, which assesses the global GDP accessibility of passport holders.

Filipinos can now explore diverse destinations across Asia, Africa, Oceania, the Caribbean, the Americas, and the Middle East without the hassle of obtaining a visa. From the vibrant streets of Brazil to the serene landscapes of Fiji, the world is more accessible to Philippine passport holders than ever before.

From 21 nations in Asia to 21 territories in Africa and 10 in Oceania, to 6 in the Caribbean, 7 in the Americas, and 4 in the Middle East, here is the list of 69 countries where Philippine passport holders can enter visa-free this year:


  1. Brunei
  2. Cambodia
  3. Hongkong (SAR China)
  4. Indonesia
  5. Kazakhstan
  6. Kyrgyzstan
  7. Laos
  8. Macao (SAR China)
  9. Malaysia
  10. Maldives
  11. Mongolia
  12. Myanmar
  13. Nepal
  14. Pakistan
  15. Singapore
  16. Sri Lanka
  17. Taiwan
  18. Tajikistan
  19. Thailand
  20. Timor-Leste
  21. Vietnam


  1. Burundi
  2. Cape Verde Islands
  3. Comoro Islands
  4. Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
  5. Djibouti
  6. Ethiopia
  7. Guinea-Bissau
  8. Kenya
  9. Madagascar
  10. Malawi
  11. Mauritania
  12. Mauritius
  13. Morocco
  14. Mozambique
  15. Rwanda
  16. Senegal
  17. Seychelles
  18. Somalia
  19. Tanzania
  20. The Gambia
  21. Togo


  1. Cook Islands
  2. Fiji
  3. Kiribati
  4. Marshall Islands
  5. Micronesia
  6. Niue
  7. Palau Islands
  8. Samoa
  9. Tuvalu
  10. Vanuatu


  1. Barbados
  2. Dominica
  3. Haiti
  4. St. Lucia
  5. St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  6. Trinidad and Tobago


  1. Bolivia
  2. Brazil
  3. Colombia
  4. Costa Rica
  5. Nicaragua
  6. Peru
  7. Suriname


  1. Armenia
  2. Iran
  3. Israel
  4. Palestinian Territory

As Filipinos gear up to traverse the globe, this development not only simplifies travel plans but also enriches the travel experience, fostering a deeper connection with diverse cultures and landscapes.

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Embark on your next adventure with ease! Share this article with friends and family planning their travels and tell them about the expanded horizons for Philippine passport holders. Explore the world, visa-free!

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